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Oct 2, 2008 01:37 PM

Need 24 hour or late night KBBQ in OC

We often get get Korean cravings late at night. What's available {and hopefully good) in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach or Newport/Irvine

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  1. hmmm, 24-hour anything in OC is tough except for maybe Denny's. honda-ya is open until 1am and they have meat offerings. would like to know myself if you come up with anything.

    1. I'd say Garden Grove is your best bet for late night Korean eats.

      BCD Tofu House's GG location is open 24/7. They are opening a brand new Irvine store, but don't hold your breath for late night hours there. Their former Irvine location started out with late hours, only to cut back to normal Irvine hours, then it was sold off and rebooted under a different business name. The new location on Jeffrey & Alton is even less likely to support late hours. BCD's specialty is soon tofu, but they do a moderately ok KBBQ on the menu. It is not grill yourself at the table, it's cooked in the kitchen for you.

      BCD Tofu House Restaurant
      9520 Garden Grove Blvd Ste 9, Garden Grove, CA 92844