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Oct 2, 2008 01:29 PM

Chateau d Yquem, Lur-Saluces Saturne, 1976, 375 ml with Gold Seal

Help, have stored several bottles of wine give to us about fifteen years ago. We are not wine drinkers, and the wine has not been stored in a climate controlled room, BUT they have been stored in an inner room from the garage that stays very cool year-round, and the wine has been on it's side. Any ideas on what the Saturne might be worth and where I could sell it?

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  1. Château d'Yquem 1976 is an excellent wine. Full bottles can be found for approximately $775.00 and more, depending upon where one lives. This is a Premier Grand Cru Sauternes, the only estate within Sauternes or Barsac to achieve THAT classification. To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as "Gold Seal" -- in the way that some German wines are catagorized as "goldkapsel" -- at Château Yquem.

    Note: the name of the estate is "Château Yquem." The name of the Sauternes made at this estate is "Château d'Yquem."

    If you have a FULL case of half-bottles (375ml) in the original wooden case, I would think about selling it at auction, but since you only have "several bottles" and since it has not been stored in ideal conditions, I'd think seriously about EITHER selling it yourself on something like winebid, OR offering it for sale to your local wine merchant -- and I don't mean your corner liquor store, but a serious wine merchant, someone who specializes in fine wines. Your conditions may not have been ideal, but I suspect your wine is fine . . .

    Good luck!


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      I have both the 1975 and 1976, stored in less ideal condition than mhs'. Both tasted fine! For some unexplained reason, I found great sweet white wines have an amazing tolerance for 'non-ideal' storage condition! A few years back I opened up a bottle of 1971 Schloss Johannisberger Auslese thinking it might have gone bad due to a couple of years of 'warmish -65F' storage condition. I was totally surprised to find that the wine was still fresh and drinking perfectly!

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        Yes, sweet wines ARE more tolerant of less-than-ideal conditions, but they can still succumb to POOR storage . . .

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        Jason, thank you so much for the information. Our deceased friend had a beautiful wine cellar, so we should have known that this was something special. With this information, I do wish we had a full case, but unfortunately we only have one bottle of this Sauterne. The other wines are all sweet wines, but I picked this one out to investigate because of the size of the bottle. When I said "gold seal", I tried to describe the top of the bottle as being sealed with gold looking foil and the rest of the wrapper down the neck of the bottle is yellow and gold. Anyway, thank you so much. mhs

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          If you have a bottle of this, a couple of that, your best bet is truly a serious wine merchant who will take all of the bottles from you.

      3. 750mls go for about $800 so a half might be $500?? I would be worried about the storage conditions however. Check for seepage or a cork that has been pushed out. I personally would not touch this wine with a 10 ft poletg

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          I appreciate your honesty. I am only trying to get an idea of the value of the Sauterne, and the bottle seems to be very tight without any cork raising or seepage. I will take it to a serious wine dealer and have them check for things I wouldn't know about. We would never try to sell something that might be suspicious of spoilage. Thanks.

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            The things to notice for at a wine auction is if the etiquette has been damaged or tampered with, if the cork is seated properly without rot, if the level of wine has not gone down into the shoulder and if it was stored properly (the people that run auctions deal with a lot of customers and they have lists to sort out the people who have offered consistently good wines or bad ones).

            A professional wine appraiser will be able to spot this and give a price on it. Best to bring it to a couple and average the price out.