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Oct 2, 2008 01:24 PM

Substitute for Winesap Apples?

I'm making one of the Babbo recipes this weekend for an appetizer - Prosciutto San Daniele with black pepper fett'unta and Winesap apple marmellata. I don't think Winesap apples are in season. I've also never had one so have no idea what apples available now are similar. Any suggestions of apples I can use instead? Thanks!

Here's the recipe link:

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  1. Winesap apples are tangy - so are granny smiths. How about marinating the granny smith pieces in Chardonnay to give them a bit of that wine infuence?

    1. Winesaps are the last apple to ripen, right now in October should be when they are available.
      They are really juicy, I can't think of anything exactly like them. But hey, an apple's an apple especially if you're cooking it.

      1. Winesaps are delicious. Actually my absolute favorite type of apple.
        The taste is kind of sweet/tart with a bite almost like a fine wine.
        Granny Smith might work can't think of any others.

        1. Thanks everyone. I'm going to check Whole Foods to see if they have Winesaps; if not, Granny Smith it is! Thanks again.

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            Braeburns are a good substitute as well. Not quite a winesap, but neither is a granny smith.

          2. Just wanted to say thanks. I ended up having to substitute a few of the ingredients in this recipe - still learning where to find things in the Phoenix area. The recipe turned out great though. I really loved the combination of flavors - bread topped with black pepper oil, some apple marmellata, prosciutto, and baby spinach tossed with lemon juice and olive oil.


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              so I am trying this one and can't find the Mustard Oil, I've already picked up the Granny Smith Apples, any suggestions?

              1. re: sonomavailkids

                Check an Indian market, or a store that has a good selection of Indian ingredients. I later found the mustard oil (and black mustard seeds) in the Indian section of a local Asian market.