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Oct 2, 2008 01:20 PM

Good place for a pre-game meal and drinks for Saints game?

Whats a good place in the Quarter or around the Dome to get a good (not overly expensive) dinner before the game on Monday night? We don't mind walking from the heart of the Quarter (although we'd prefer something a little closer)....

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Anybody got any ideas? We are thinking of doing Ernst Cafe...

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      Like Tonto I don't know of anywhere close to the dome either. There are a ton of places in the Warehouse District. I eat at Ernst for lunch all the time. I like it, especially when the weather is nice and you can sit outside. Ugly Dog, Red Eye, Lucy's and NoLa Grocery run about the same in price. In fact, you could get poboys and drinks to go at NoLa Grocery, walk to Lafayette Square to eat and then walk off your dinner. I can't think of anywhere else open for lunch, inexpensive and near the dome. Enjoy the game!

    2. Maybe because of the game restaurants that are normally closed on Monday will be open. Hard to say. Don't know the food at Ernst and near the dome there is next to nothing.

      1. Handsome Willy's is the only bar I know of in that area. It is on the other side of Charity hospital from the dome, but only a 5-10 minute walk. There is a restuarant next door called Garage Pizza, but it ought to be called Garbage Pizza, and I would avoid it. The bar is sort of divey, but the owners and staff are nice and they will most likely be serving free hotdogs or redbeans before the game.

        1. Maybe gordon birch. Ernst does have food. but to me..its kind of really good bar food. Im not sure if that matters to you. It depends on what kind of food you are looking for. If you want more drinking/decent food...or if you want a good meal before hand.

          1. Allegro BIstro, in the Energy Center is at Loyola and Poydras. It's the closest bar to the Dome. They have a grill outside selling burgers, sausages, pulled pork, jamabalya etc.. Inside there's a buffet for a sit down meal. Bars outside and inside. I confess my office is in that building but Allegro is always crowded for Saints games.