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Oct 2, 2008 01:07 PM

EGGLESS and NUTLESS cookie recipe for 3 year olds

Please spare me hours of surfing the web trying to find something tried and true. All of my cookbooks are locked away in storage. Sigh. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not exactly a recipe, but if you have this brand -- Cherrybrook Kitchen -- in any stores near you (Whole Foods has it), they have mixes and they are pretty good.

    My daughter has a kid in her class with nut and wheat allergies and my son has a kid in his class with egg and nut allergies. And the 2 kids with the allergies are actually brothers. The mother has her hands full!

    1. Coconut Tofu Cookies from the Fat Free Vegan blog look really good. I haven't made them yet, but the reviews look promising. Don't let the tofu scare you- it's in there to replace the egg

      A friend of mine has a nephew with the same allergies- she uses applesauce with a brownie mix to replace the eggs. She also makes chocolate chip cookies with mashed bananas (1 =1 egg), but I haven't made either one. If you try them, let me know.

      1. Check out Post-punk kitchen website for egg-free recipes. Or you can use egg-replacer which is basically a mix of starches. It is made by Ener-G. It isn't expensive, but I don't use a whole lot of it. They also have ideas of replacing the egg.

        Shortbread is naturally egg-free in many recipes. Press nut-free chocolate into it and kids will eat them!

        1. Rice Krispie Treats? I mean they're not technically a cookie but a "bar" but would qualify as egg & nut free and along the same lines, the good ol' no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies - just chocolate, butter, marshmallows, oats and either coconut or more mashmallows or dried fruit.

            These cookies are amazingly good. I have to ship them to my mother in law monthly! Just leave out the nuts.