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Oct 2, 2008 12:50 PM

Weekday Brunch Near MIT?

Any good places for brunch on the weekday near MIT? I guess we can try Miracle of Science, but I'm not sure about their breakfast/lunch offerings.

Any advice?


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  1. I've heard good things about Brookline Lunch, just around the corner from the Middle East near Central Square. Sounds like a diner-y place, decent greasy spoon. But haven't been yet (the one day I walked down there, they were closed due to a power cut), so can't vouch personally.

    And worth looking into whether Toscaninni's does brunch during the week? I know they do on weekends...

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    1. re: lettezilla

      Brookline Lunch is awesome.

      Mariposa Cafe has good food, but the service is truly strange. It can take forever for them to come up with your order and it's not always what you ordered.

    2. Do you mean breakfast? There's also that little Sunny something diner on Albany St. and the joint on the corner of Mass Ave. and Vassar St. is basic and okay. Miracle of Science has good breakfast, but are they definitely serving it on weekdays? They also serve breakfast at the Black Sheep in the Kendall Hotel, that's more $$ tho.

      1. We would like a sit-down brunch/lunch at a nice-ish place - so Brookline and Mariposa don't quite cut it. Black Sheep is a good suggestion, though its lunch only and its 11:30am (we wanted 11am). I'll look into MoS too again. Any others?

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        1. re: tennisboy

          They said they had bfast on the web site:

          You might have to ride the subway to Harvard Sq. for Henrietta's table or Charles St. for Beacon Hill Bistro.

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            How about Sidney's in Le Meridien Hotel on Sidney Street?

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              I've wantd to try the Black Sheep for breakfast, but from what I can tell from the menu, it's a buffet. Maybe someone who's been can chime in.

              1. re: bear

                I reccomend the Jerusleam Cafe on Mass Ave - get the Chicken and Veggie Omlet with coffee. Last time I was there (3-4 years ago), the road was under construction out front, but the food and coffee was good enough to warant the noise. Their homemade hotsauce was delicious, and the omlet featured whatever veggies they had on hand left over from the day before. The coffee was great as well.

                Mr. BT

            2. There is no such thing as a weekday brunch unless you are staying at a hotel. There is no demand for it so restaurants won't do it. There are plenty of breakfast places but good luck finding a mid week brunch. It is anathema to the restaurant business.