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Oct 2, 2008 12:43 PM

Delicious, vegetarian-friendly for special dinner near LAX?

The first night of our honeymoon will be spent at a hotel near LAX while waiting for our connecting flight the next day. I have never been to LA and don't know the first thing about what there is to eat near the airport, and we don't want to venture too far since we are stuck cabbing it both ways. Fiance hates Chinese and Indian, but everything else is fine. We are in NYC and love Shake Shack, Eleven Madison and Lucali. Dinner doesn't need to be super pricey but we would like something delicious and special, given the whole first night of honeymoon thing. As the vegetarian among us, I prefer not to be stuck with salads and sides (which I am generally happy to do at steak-y places).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. You might want to cab it up to Venice: there I'd suggest James Beach, Beechwood, or for more casual 26 Beach. You could also call Joe's and see what they might be able to whip up for you, a vegetarian newlywed (just flatter them and tell them what great things you've heard about their menu, and that you'd love to try it out while in town but as a vegetarian are concerned about potential options...).

    Closer to LAX, you might also call Cafe del Rey, and see if they are willing to do something vegetarian for you.

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      cafe del rey has many more vegetarian options on their bar menu than on their regular menu. they may even let you order from the bar menu while seated at a table overlooking the boats in the marina.
      also, imho, the restaurant itself is MUCH more romantic than any of the other options mentioned.

      26 beach is cute and has a ton of very good veggie options, but, to me, it is more a 'first date' kind of place than a 'romantic' place.

    2. Depending on where you are staying, Manhattan Beach is about 15 min. from LAX. I would make a reservation at Mangiamo's. It is one of the oldest restaurants around and that is saying something. They have a great menu, with plenty for you to chose from. The food is fabulous and you could take a stroll on the beach at sunset. VERY ROMANTIC!

      1. A cab to Venice is about $15, tops. I second the idea of Beechwood, James Beach, and would add Wabi Sabi, Chaya Venice, and Primitivo (lots of great options there, it's a small plates restaurant).

        There are no options at LAX itself, meaning, there's nowhere for you to walk for dinner, you'll have to get a cab and choose either Venice or Manhattan/Redondo Beach.

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          imho, a cab to venice would cost more than $15..
          it costs me about $15 tip included to get from lax to playa del rey, which is much closer than venice.

          1. re: westsidegal

            Agree. It costs me $20 to get to manhattan beach, which is also closer to LAX than venice. Olive123, you may be coming from a city with less sprawl and cheaper cabs than L.A., so be aware that you will likely spend at least $20 each way ($40+ round trip) for most of the suggestions above. But unfortunately, the area right near the airport does not scream's kid of a depressing array of hotels and strip clubs and the like. I don't know if any of the hotels have good dining. Otherwise, the closest nice restaurant is probably Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey, as westsidegirl suggested (but I'm not sure about the veggie-friendly options...and I would still plan on spending $15 each way for cab).

        2. A nice restaurant, and very close to LAX, Salt Creek Grill on the corner of Rosecrans and Sepulveda Blvd. in El Segundo might do the trick. They have at least one "vegetarian" main course listed on their menu and it looks like they have some nice larger salad choices which would work, plus at least a couple of vegetarian starters (if you eat cheese?).

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            of the two, imho, cafe del rey is much more romantic.
            unlike salt creek, which is located in a shopping mall, cafe del rey is located in the marina with lovely views of the boats,
            also, they are very accomodating when you ask for a table that allows you to be seated on the 'same side' as your sweetie (i.e. not a two top).