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Oct 2, 2008 12:22 PM

where to buy berkshire or other heirloom pork?

Is there anywhere in the city to buy berkshire pork (or kurobuta or whatever)? I see that Fox & Obel may have it, but for some reason I didn't remember seeing it when I was there...

I'd like to be able to just buy a couple chops from time to time, but I'd be willing to wait until the next occaison and do a rack or something if it's going to be a trek. I live in Lakeview, but I do have a car.

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  1. I haven't found much luck finding it. Fox & Obel would be my recommendation. Just give them a call and see if they've got it. I get mine from here:

    1. This reply is unresponsive but last fall a foodie friend spent a kings ransom on kurabuta
      pork,gifting me and others generously.
      Color me unsophisticated but none of us were a bit impressed.

      1. Farmers markets have some heritage pork varieties; the Lincoln Square market (Tuesdays 7-2ish) has one vendor with some cryovaced pork items- I've purchased the bacon every week I can make it to the market, and was quite impressed with the Berkshire Loin roast (from down on the Ham end- their butchers could use some primers), and a couple of Duroc selections- ham, chops, and tenders.

        If all else seems to fail, there's always the Meat markets- Ask at Gepparth's.

        If they are out of stock, call Chicago Game & Gourmet (312.455.1800 350 N. Ogden)- they're primarily a wholesaler, but if you're up to cash & carry, they have some amazing stuff.

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          I've heard good things about that chicago game & gourmet place, perhaps at some point that could be a field trip... I may try gepperth's partially because I've never been, but it's sounding like f&o is my default plan.

          I'm not sure what the pedigree of the pork was, and since the prices weren't super-high I'm guessing it was not truly legitimate, but before I moved here I lived in kansas city about 3 blocks from a butcher/market that carried a wide array of berkshire pork. I miss the pork chops and the loin roasts...

        2. Frankenthread returns!
          Over this summer, I befriended the Meat vendor at the Lincoln Square Farmer's Market: C&D Family Farms,, 574.772.5334.
          Duroc, I think Berkshire, and afew others- free-range, all natural goodness.
          The various roasts, chops, and shoulders I've played with have been wonderful, I'd recommend passing on the sausages, but do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you eat the BACON!!!

          I actually thought I was replying to a differnet thread- I'm glad I can give the contact info for C&D, though

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            Last month Fox & Obel they were carrying Duroc pork....which is pretty good stuff!