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Oct 2, 2008 12:01 PM

Unbelievably now available in D. C. area

Yes, I said frozen. Costco in their Fairfax and Sterling stores (perhaps more) is selling Bellatoria frozen pizza which I strongly believe is the best frozen pizza I have ever tasted. Sorry, American Flatbread. In fact baked on a pizza stone with a bit of olive oil and finished under a broiler for 30 seconds it rivals, even beats a lot of pizzaria pies.

No, this is not Pepe's, Sally's or Two Amy's. But it is great frozen pizza. I was told by the buyer for Costco that Bellatoria outsells ALL OTHER FROZEN PIZZA COMBINED in most of the midwestern regions they offer it in.

A bit of history: it is from a manufacturer in Minneapolis and until the last several weeks has not been available outside of the upper part of the midwest. Costco did several roadshows here (Sterling, Arundel Mills) and the pizza sold out every day by the late afternoon. This is an attempt to possibly introduce it into other areas. I mention it on here because I bought 15 pies at each of the roadshows; if they are successful I can free up a large part of my freezer!

For now there is only one kind, chicken fajita. But try it if you are in Costco.

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  1. I have to say, the pictures on the web site look good enough to eat. Any MN hounds who can chime in on this? If they're as good as you say, hopefully they'll migrate north.

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      Yum there is a Costco right by my house I will have to try. Thanks!

    2. I made a special trip to the Beltsville Costco and picked up a pack of three this AM. My wife and I just finished the first one--it large enough for two, with a salad--and it IS a terrific frozen pizza, the best I've had. We baked it per the instructions and finished it under the broiler for the last minute. There is still only the chicken fajita, but maybe in time they'll expand their selection. My wife would love to have a plain cheese pizza.

      Good recommendation, Joe. Thanks!