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Oct 2, 2008 11:57 AM

Bravo! Cream Puffs [MSP]

it took me a few days to write this up, but i stopped off at Bravo bakery on Grand Ave a couple days ago after seeing the sign in the fron window advertising "Best Cream Puffs" and a smaller not detailing the devotion put into their multi-layered pate a choux crusts.

and . . . damn these things were tasty. they come in vanilla or chocolate, and naturally i got one of each. The consensus was that the chocolate ones were slightly more delicious, but both were buoyed by a positively palette pleasing pastry cream.

i've really enjoyed the vegetarian offerings here before, and am excited to be living close by, but the cream puffs were new to me (not sure if they have made them for a long time but i didnt remember the signage in the front window).

and, at about 1.75 each they were really quite a good deal. much larger than many i have sampled in southern california. are there other cream puffs of note in the twin cities?

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  1. Bravo! is in my 'hood and I keep meaning to go there and try the cream puffs. Thanks for the reminder to check this place out!