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Oct 2, 2008 11:46 AM

Places near the Jammin' Java on Maple in Vienna

Hi all -

Maryland hound here crossing the river to see some awesome rock and roll at Jammin' Java tonight ... need a good place to eat first. I prefer ethnic non-chain type places.. Indian, Asian, etc..

Or a great burger works too!

Any recs? (BTW - I tried searching the archive but it seems to kick sand in my face w/ errors on this new site...)


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  1. I like Sunflower, but it is Asian vegetarian. The service can be a bit slow. There was an okay Indian place several blocks east, but the name changed and I can't recommend. Enjoy the show it is a great venue! The food at JJ is edible, I've only had the salads and veggie chili.

    1. My place of choice in Vienna is Rose Restaurant for Persian food. The stews are excellent. Especially the beef stew that has the potato sticks. Also, ask if you can get the tahdig, the crispy rice at the bottom of the rice pot. Sometimes it has to be reserved in advance if they will let you. For starters, go for the roasted garlic, the torshi, the stuffed grape leaves, and the mast-o-kheer. You're not over this way often, so go wild. It's not expensive.

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        do you know if they serve the beef stew for lunch? I'm tempted to try it out today.

        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          Well, I'm too late in my response for today, but I've had it for lunch before.

        2. re: Steve

          Went to Rose for lunch today. They have two stews on the menu and I had a 50-50 chance of getting the right one. I ended up with Ghormeh Sabzi (lots of kidney beans and spinach, the wrong one, imo). On the other hand, the bread and rice were very good (rice just a notch below Shamshiry's but much better bread). Next time I'll order the right stew. I've been to Rose before, over a year ago. At one point they tried to do a buffet lunch. Now it's all table service.

          1. re: Ericandblueboy

            Well, I've never met a Ghormeh Sabzi I didn't like, though I prefer the other stew. It's very much a family restaurant where is worth ordering th various appetizers. Some of the flavors are quite powerful, though, so a little goes a long way.

            1. re: Steve

              You are very knowledgeable about food. I'd be honored to join you and your friends in tasting ethnic foods around NOVA when time permits.

        3. personally, as a frequent jammin' java goer, i actually really enjoy the food at the venue. their chili is to die for and they have great sandwiches as well. If you really want to go somewhere besides there, there is a town favorite known as the vienna in which is farther down maple avenue. It's basically just chili-dogs, beer, and it's packed with cigarette smoke, which isn't so lovely, but many love this place. Also, Amphora is fantastic. It's also located on maple avenue and is like a bit more upper class version of an old diner. it's open 24-7 and has anything you could imagine. happy eating!

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          1. re: molecularfoodie712

            Wow, of all the places in Vienna, with the choices wide open, choosing Amphora is a surprise. What have you liked there? Any other Chowhounds? I can see maybe showing up there at 4am, when nothing else is open, but for me it's a bit desperate.

            1. re: Steve

              I liked Amphora years ago when it was a decent 24-hour diner. Now, it's a diner trying to be something else. Strange and over-priced was my last impression. They used to have a spin-off gyro-souvlaki stand nearby called Knossos, which was excellent. Don't know if it's still there.

              1. re: flavrmeistr

                Still there as far as I know and they do make good gyros there as well.

          2. Sushi Yama is supposed to be really good. 328 Maple Ave, close to Maple Ave (123) and Nutley St. I've still never been, but I'm sure others can chime in.

            1. There are two places that I go to in Vienna: Skorpios for huge gyros sandwich and Falls Street Pizza for pizza by the slice (toppings are added after you order and the pizza is reheated). Vienna Inn is an institution but I don't get it (the hotdogs are bland and waterlogged). You have quite a few Indian and Thai restaurants but nothing I find all that exciting.