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Oct 2, 2008 11:45 AM

brunch - The Smith, Cookshop, Neptune Room

Visiting our son in a week. I'm thinking of brunch at The Smith, Cookshop or Neptune Room. Any thoughts or favorites? Want hip, fun atmosphere (for him) and great food (for us)! Thanks.

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  1. I haven't been to Nepture Room. I really enjoy Cookshop and The Smith. I'd say The Smith is louder, trendier, and slightly cheaper.

    1. cookshop's brunch is just a perfect way to spend a weekend morning. food is awesome, crowd is friendly...i like it lots.

      the smith in my opinion is a glorified TGIFridays...not bad per se, but definitely a bit more commercial than i tend to enjoy.

      1. Not sure if Neptune Room fits w/ the other 2. But I'll throw Jane out there (same owners as Neptune)...always solid.

        1. Food is slightly better at Cookshop and Neptune Room. Hippest atmosphere would probably also Cookshop but the downside is its location is a bit of a walk from the nearest train. Neptune is a little more comfy. The Smith is probably easiest to get into, and very convenient to other activities (within walking distance of Union Square) and skews a little younger in terms of audience.

          1. attygirl, i've been to cookshop and the neptune room, not the smith (tho i have been to jane, which i think is another (?) sister restaurant to smith). as much as i like the brunch food at neptune room, i wouldn't call the atm hip. it's pretty low key with a lot of young families with strollers, middle aged and older couples in small groups. for everything but the lobster benedict and crab cakes, cookshop is as good as the neptune room and the crowd is definitely a bit younger. so take that as you will!