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Oct 2, 2008 11:24 AM

Need relatively kid friendly place, Japanese, near Grove

Having dinner with out-of-town friends Sunday night- they have two children, about 5 and 8 years old, both world travelers so we're not talking Dennys or Chuck E Cheese. Everyone is interested in either Japanese or Mexican as they are visiting Los Angeles from Canada. They are staying near The Grove so I'm sure they will have plenty of opps to eat in the Grove- so NON-Grove recs would be nice. Think nicer than a Pasta Pomodoro but not AOC.


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  1. I would consider Tokyo Table on La Cienega kid friendly. The food isn't Musha quality, but interesting enough and has booths to accomodate young children.

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      Thanks for the rec. Went to Tokyo Table and had a great time. So many of the items on the menu were so nostalgic for me.....I used to order mochi cheese gratin in Tokyo all the time! The hamachi carpaccio was insanely good, they do a very good version of the crispy rice/spicy tuna and their karaage was very good. And oh......the honey toast. Man....I don't think I ever had it even when I'd see the plastic versions in the display cases of many restaurants in Japan. I don't know why I waited so long. Thick, Japanese toast that I LOVE on it's own, melted butter, a scoop of vanilla ice cream all drizzled with honey? Heavenly.



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        Glad you had a good time there. Yeah that honey toast with ice cream really does hit the spot. I hope the kids enjoyed it. ithink it's a great combination of kid-friendly and adult tastes.

    2. Mishima is kid-friendly, but maybe too casual, better for lunch. I agree on Tokyo Table. They should like the Japanese sushi pizza and the honey bread dessert thing. And there's drinks for the grownups.

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        I went to Mishima recently and I thought the food was horrible! I hadn't gone for over a year and after eating there I remembered why. I was craving udon on Sun afternoon and that was the only place I could think of that was open.

        The udon was so bad I couldn't even finish it. The broth had no flavor and for some reason it didn't flavor the udon. The tempura crispies that come with it were stale. I had the combo with the tendon (tempura on top of rice) and the rice must be the lowest quality you can find and who knows what type of rice cooker they was that bad.

        I used to like going there about 8 years ago, but it seems like the quality has gone way down or my tastebuds have gotten better.

        I know the OP said they didn't want a place in the Grove, but there is a Japanese place called Kado at Farmer's Market. I went when it first opened about a year ago. The food isn't great, but it was passable. They had a conveyor sushi room which could be fun for the kids if they eat sushi, they also have the regular dining room and what may be the most entertaining for kids is their teppan room. It's just like Benihana with the over the top show. The food quality is probably on par w/Benihana.

      2. Yabu on La Cienega may work. They have good food and I think it would be fine with kids. It's nice because they have a variety of foods.

        1. Ita Cho on Beverly. Japanese comfort food, not a sushi place.

          1. Oh I've got another ... Sake House on La Brea, a few blocks south of Wilshire. Food not quite as good as Ita Cho (and walk-in only, no reservations), but pretty darn satisfying. Great Japanese retro decor with old film posters and Japanese candy on some of the tables.

            Granted, I'm assuming that these 5 & 8 year-olds are truly the world travelers you describe. I certainly wouldn't bring the average McDonald's-addicted 5 year-old to either of these places.

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              Forgot the link.

              Sake House Miro
              809 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036