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Oct 2, 2008 11:23 AM

Montreal Wedding Caterer

I am getting married in the fall of 2009. We are planning on renting a hall (probably La Toundra in Parc Jean Drapeau) We have been looking for a Caterer. Our budget would be $115-$130 per person. We were wondering what should be calculated in the per person price. We will likely have approximately 125 guests. We only found a few caterers who could fit in our budget. Our favorite so far is Distinction ( I cannot find any reviews or rating on this caterer and am wondering if anyone has used them before. They quoted us approximately $80.00 per person including staff, rentals, and food (taxes and gratuity included). If we estimate that our alcohol will cost us approximately $20/ per person for an open bar (we are supplying the booze and the caterer is supplying a barmaid) and that the hall is costing about $25 per person, we arrive at approximately $125 per person. If we consider that our appetizers and desert table will cost us and extra $10-15 per person (some deserts will be made by relative. the appetizers are being ordered from Kam Fung to throw in a little variety to our menu. And we will probably have Schwartz Delicatessen set up a smoked-meat station during the desert table.) Does anyone have any suggestions for the caterer. We tried a few and Agnus Dei and JavaU were all $130 per person just for the food, service and rentals. Has anyone heard of distinction before? Any other suggestions. Amy I missing anything here?

Thanks for all your help.

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  1. I have never had anything catered by them, but I do know that the restaurant Europea (my favourite, BTW) does do catering. I have eaten many meals there and have never been disappointed. You may want to give them a call. Just follow the catering link.

    1. HI MontrealKid,

      I was wondering with which caterer u choose? I just called to see if this hall availiable but the lady was not there. The person over the phone told me the chairs and table were included. I presuming the tableware is not? I have to visit the hall next week. Is it nice?

      I'm trying to establish if this option is too expensive for us. I was looking for around $100/person. I haven't started to research in detail the exact prices of the caterer.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

      1. We hired Agnus Dei for our wedding 10 years ago... we weren't in your price range, but we were really really happy with the results. Nothing like the chef walking in with a giant board with a whole lamb on it, held aloft his head, to impress guests.

        EDIT: oh! I just noticed the date of the original post. Ah well.

        1. Not sure if you've all found answers to your catering questions or not, but my wife and I would heartily endorse Mr. Petit and his inspired, delicious, and affordable menu at Vanilla Twist ( He catered our wedding in 2007 and our friends, who live on the South Shore, opted to go with his services for this coming summer, despite the fact they had to make a bit of a drive out to the West Island (in Pierrefonds) to get to his kitchen.

          Anyhow, his food is delicious and generously portioned and is very, very competitive in terms of price. A major thumbs-up from us.

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          1. re: liquidrawhide

            Hi, I came across your recommendation of Vanilla Twist, and thought I'd ask you about them more since I wasn't able to find much reviews online.

            I'd like to hear about your experience with them, as I am going through the process of searching for affordable caterers. I'd appreciate anything you can let me know with regards to whether he offered you rentals for linen, cutlery, etc. along with the food, and if his services included staffing, setting up tables, etc.


          2. The original comment has been removed