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Oct 2, 2008 11:21 AM

Any cider mills (or something similar) in metro area?

I was thinking back to my youth in suburban Detroit and the wondrous Franklin Cider Mill, which sells the world's best apple cider, apples, fresh donuts, and sundry other items. Is there anything like this in NoVa or MoCo? I know there's some apple-picking places but don't know if that's the same, although some of them probably sell cider...

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  1. Heyser Farms in Silver Spring. They are the only local place I know of that does unpasteurized cider. Tiny operation, but great prices - I picked up Honeycrisps there for $1.49 a pound this week.

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      I noticed Spring Mill Bakery in Bethesda was selling the unpasteurized Heyser Farms cider this weekend.

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        That is awesome - I hope they're able to find some more distribution channels; I bet it's hard with the lack of pasteurization. Stupid health codes.

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          Yes, I grew up with the unpasteurized cider and we enjoyed drinking it as the taste changed (although sometimes it was a race to finish it). I remember at some point we switched over to pasteurized cider and it was weird that you could keep it for weeks.

          I should have bought some, but I was walking around and didn't want to carry a 1/2 gallon with me.

    2. There is a place on the edge of Front Royal that has cider and fresh made apple cinnamon donuts. I think it is called the Apple Mountain House.

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        I think it's this place called The Apple House. I have stopped there many times. I love this place.

      2. Hey, I lived in the Southfield, and Troy area in MI for around 32 years ( i was born and raised in this area) so I'm quite fimiliar with the Franklin cider and I agree with your assessment. What part did you live? How long have you been in the D.C. area? My wife and have been here since 1999 to find work. What brought you out here? I would like to hear from you soon. Hope all is well

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          The Silver Spring and Front Royal suggestions are intriguing, but this Madison Heights-bred chowhound is about to take advantage of the fact that the Franklin cider mill is only 9 hours 6 minutes away.

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            I grew up in Novi and lived in Rochester and Birmingham in more recent years, until I moved to DC with my Coast Guard husband!

          2. Hey! I'm from the mitten! We should start a meetup for Michigan people in the DC area and hit up a local cider mill!

            1. If you are nearer to Frederick, do try McCutcheon's Apple Products on Carroll Street. They have wonderful cider pressed right in-house, both clear and cloudy.

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                and mccutchen's makes *fabulous* fruit butters, jams, jellies, preserves and relishes!

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                  McCutcheon's has been there a long while. It's the last cannery still operating in Frederick. They still have a steam whistle at the plant that blows at 8 a.m, noon, 1 o'clock and 5 o'clock, as it has for over 100 years. How cool is that? You can head a little further up 15 to Catoctin Mountain Orchard for fresh-pressed cider and fresh-baked apple pies.