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Oct 2, 2008 09:27 AM

Looking to go Apple Picking this weekend.

Any suggestions? I used to go to Masker Orchards way back when, but times change and so do the best spots to go and grab your own apples.

Do any fellow CH'ers have any reco's for good Apple Orchards near NYC to make a day out of it?

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  1. try this link- it lists all the local orchads..the closest to you is probably on LI

    1. There was another thread on this very topic not too long ago, some good ideas there:

      1. I thought Barton's Orchard was a good destination when I went a few days ago. They have some great varieties, including the elusive and delicous Macoun. If you're willing to walk just a bit and get a map of the orchard, I found they have lots of virtually untouched trees. It was an easy drive from southern Westchester. My kids enjoyed it, and they had a huge slide in the pumpkin patch my energetic boys loved.

        1. Silverman's farms in Easton is about an hour from NYC. Depending on your focus, they also have a petting zoo and farmers market. Plus they sell jams, pies etc. We're actually hoping to go tomorrow.

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            You don't say where you want to travel to, but Wickham's Fruit Farm in Cutchogue, LI...about 90-120 minutes from NYC has an excellent selection and high quality.

          2. We're big fans of Minard Farms in Clintondale ( Hayride to the apples; great stand; excellent variety of apples and other produce; home made pies and baked goods (awesome cider donuts); and picnic tables if you want to bring lunch.