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Oct 2, 2008 09:20 AM

favorite restaurant for about $100?

I'd like to get my brother a gift certificate for a good meal for his birthday tomorrow. He lives at 37th street and 9th Ave area. I'm pretty clueless about NYC, especially about the restaurants. Please help! I'm willing to spend $75-100 on a gift certificate and desperately need suggestions. French food is out, most others food is game.

Thanks so much and ping me if you need any DC advice!

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  1. Can you tell us a little more about him - how old(ish!), formal, informal, do you want the certificate to cover a meal for one or more? Thanks!

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      oh, yes, silly me! he's turning 34, has been living in Manhattan for 16 years, is pretty open to anything but nothing too fancy-schmancy. he generally takes me to more laid-back but trendy places when i visit, so i guess that's more of his cup of tea. the $75-100 could cover the cost of his meal and maybe some of his partner's (but doesn't have to be all). drinks not a problem - they are both sober. so we're just looking at good food. thanks!

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        I'm not so up on trendy and laid back, so I hope some other hounds will help. And the search function isn't working for me, but you could try doing a search for trendy, and if something appeals, post back to get more feedback.

        I thought of Socarrat, which has good paella and tapas, but they don't take reservations, which could be a problem.

        259 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

    2. There is a restaurant Vento that is very, very reasonably priced and is good Italian. It is in the Meatpacking District which is a fun area. They have good pizza, pasta, apps and is a good scene. I recently went with a friend and had app, entree, dessert and glass of wine and the total bill was a little under $100.

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        Any recommendations at Vento would be appreciated.


      2. Casa Monp would be perfect - gift card link at the bottom left corner.