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Oct 2, 2008 09:14 AM

Car-less in St. Paul.....

I'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul and would love suggestions for places to eat that don't require a car. I love all kinds of food, but am a pseudo-vegetarian (eggs, fish, dairy are ok!).
thanks so much for your help!

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  1. You can walk to Tanpopo from there also, Black Dog Cafe in the same building as Tanpopo might be worth checking out--just soups and sandwiches and such.


    1. I don't know how vegetarian friendly it is, but you're pretty close to Meritage.

      Also, you could check out Fuji Ya on 7th and Wabasha.

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        Fuji Ya has an excellent happy hour. I think from 5-7.

      2. Definitely go to Tanpopo - the food is delicious and the menu is pseudo-vegetarian (with one pork dish). It's near the site of the St. Paul Farmer's Market, which is worth a visit if you're here on the weekend.

        You're also close the new Pop! in downtown St. Paul. I haven't been there, but I like the original Mpls location - they have a tasty walleye sandwich. (Though I'm not sure if the St. Paul place has the same menu.)

        I've seen an Crowne Plaza shuttle van on West 7th, so I'm guessing you could somewhere further with advance planning. If so, I'd suggest Ngon on University Ave., about 2 miles away. You'll have to order carefully to avoid the meat, but there are a number of fish-based and vegetarian dishes. Everything I've tried there has been delicious.

        Have a good stay!

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          P.S. If the weather's nice and you have the time, grab a picnic lunch and head down Jackson St or Sibley St (4-5 blocks east of hotel) to the river. A short walk west will lead to a lovely riverside park.


        2. Meritage for a fancier meal is quite tasty and, despite its french-ness, has some pescatarian friendly options. the gnocchi is(are?) killer, and ive had some really great fish there.

          1. Try Babani's Kurdish Restaurant, right in downtown. Very unique, possibly the only Kurdish restaurant in the entire U.S. Not that bad, either. I recommend the dowjic soup.

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