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Oct 2, 2008 08:57 AM

New restaurant in DelRay?

Anyone from Del Ray know what's going on in the old Hector's Place (down from Del Merei Grill) on Mt. Vernon Avenue? I heard that a new restaurant is going in there, and it must be good to be opening during these tough economic times. Anyone have any intel???

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  1. Pizzaiolo Cafe and Bar, I am invited to a pre opening party this weekend. don't know anything else about it tho.

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    1. re: Terry Lynn

      I think they have one in Crystal City - if its the same you are in for some great pizza!

      1. re: Zucumber84

        It's the same. How did you get the preopen invite, Terry.

    2. Hopefully they won't close down the one in Crystal City! Best pizza in the area!

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      1. re: AnneBird

        Awesome! Cafe Pizzaiolo has the best pizza in the DC region. I especially love their Neapolitan style 'za. That will be a great addition to the neighborhood, and an affordable option for a good weekly dinner out. I hope they do well!

        1. re: MDWest

          By the way, does anyone know when they're opening????

          1. re: MDWest

            They're also opening one in DelRay where the Artfully Chocolate shop used to be on Del Ray Ave. I've heard that they also plan to have delivery service, just like the one in Crystal City does. That's going to be some serious competition for Fire Flies, not to mention all the Pizza Boli's and Dominoes in that area. Having them in the strip with Bombay Curry Co., Del Merei Grill and Pho King (not making up that name!) is going to make that strip almost as good as the strip with Ray's: the Steaks and Ray's: Hell, Guajillo and Village Bistro.

            1. re: crackers

              I love Cafe Pizziaolo in Crystal City. It has a bistro feel to it with great pizza and board games to play while you wait!

              1. re: crackers

                They also have really, really good pastas - their lasagna is better than my Italian aunt's. And I could make a meal off of the bruschetta alone. Anyone know if they're open yet?? Or if they will be this weekend? I am going out to dinner with friends on Saturday night, and that would be a fun place to enjoy some good food and wine. Especially since their prices are so reasonable.

                1. re: MisterA

                  Glad they're getting a new location in the area. The last couple of times I've been to Cafe Pizzaiolo's location on 23rd Street, I've had to wait forever for a table. I wonder if their new place will have more space to go along with their growing popularity?

        2. So I finally got the scoop on this.... Pizzaiolo Cafe & Bar on Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria opens this Saturday night - Nov. 1. I was at Del Merei Grill (next door) last night and popped in to find out, since the sign is up. The bar is already open at night, but they start serving food on Saturday. I can't wait to get one of their amazing pizzas right in my neighborhood. It looks like a cool space, too.

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          1. re: MDWest

            Any word on when they are opening in the old Artfully Chocolate space for take out and delivery?

            1. re: monavano

              I have not heard they are opening in the Artfully Chocolate place. I was in there the other night talking to the owner and he did not mention it. The pizza is great and on tuesdays they have buy one pizza get one free; for eat in only. The Crystal City versions delivers to Del Ray (including Beer and Wine) so just call them.