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Oct 2, 2008 08:46 AM

Thanksgiving in Manhattan suggestions please :)

YAY, we're making our way over to Manhattan again from the DC Chowhounds end and was looking for suggestions for a nice Thanksgiving meal.

What does "nice" mean to us?

Well, I guess I'd define "nice" as:

-DARK MEAT turkey a MUST (for some reason, even in Vegas the last few years I had a hard time finding nice buffets that offered dark meat turkey LOL)

-any chance of getting FRIED TURKEY or something of that nature?

-buffet would be great but I have heard there arent many great buffets worth going to in NYC but if there is one even if its in a hotel, (Normas is in a hotel and the breakfast there was AMAZING) please let me know :)

-would like a nice selection besides turkey as the main meal...ofcourse planning to eat turkey but if they have a set menu with other dishes or a tasting of other items etc that would be wonderful!

-it doesnt have to be fancy or super pricey tho it is fine as long as the food is great and you would def go there if you didnt already have a bountiful thanksgiving meal prepared for you at home :)

Thanks sooo much!!!

**I'm open to twists too like if a Chinese place has a great Thanksgiving dinner with rice and makes the turkey too that would be awesome...Im chinese and for some reason dont mind rice with anything I eat hehe**

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  1. I believer Rosie O'Grady's offers a buffet.
    You can also try churrascaria plataforma

    1. thanks...any other suggestions...just would like a Thanksgiving festive place for dinner on Thanksgiving day after watching the parade :)

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        Four Seasons restaurant, is great for Thanksgiving. If you order turkey, they bring over an entire turkey and carve it for you tableside. Whatever pieces/parts you want, you'll get. Its not in the hotel, its located on E 52nd St.