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Creative Hot Dogs

Hey all you Chow Hounds, I'm on the look out for new and interesting hot dog recipes or condiment combinations. Feel free to submit your weirdest and wildest!

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  1. Big Kahuna Dog:

    Chopped pineapple and teriyaki sauce.

    1. If you like chili dogs, try this recipe.

      * Soft Chorizo
      * Cream cheese

      Melt equal parts together, stirring to smooth (works well in a crock pot) and keep from burning. You're done.

      This is super creamy and tastes great. You can top with green onion if you like onions.
      Or, make it like a Tommy's burger and use the sauce, then top with diced tomatoes and white onions. Pretty standard, but the sauce is really tasty, IMO.

      Another topping I really like is caramalized onion and smoked gouda cheese.

      I don't eat hot dogs often (but really like them) and like lower fat mild sausages like Hillshire Farms turkey smoked sausage and some of the varietes found at Trader Joe's; their brand varietes, Gerhardt's brand, etc. on a mini corn bread muffin.

      Your post sparked a memory of a recent Martha Stewart show where she and a guest tasted some 60 varieties of hot dogs dishes from restaurants, delis, stands, etc. The only one that was REALLY different IMO was one topped with a really good macaroni and cheese. MMMMMmmmmmm. Other choices depended on the quality of the hot dog itself, the spices the casing, etc..
      See, http://www.marthastewart.com/article/...

      While I was looking for that link, I ran across this blog. Sounds very interesting !
      See, http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/dinne...

      Great topic. Looking forward to reading all the responses.

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        The Martha Stewart Hot Dog program will be repeated on Monday (Columbus Day).

      2. Willie's Dawgs in brooklyn has some pretty neat combinations (peanut butter & honey on a hot dog?). Their menu might give you some inspiration.

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          I love finly chopped kim chee on hot dogs, great texture, heat and crunch!

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            I tried two type of "Japadogs" I cooked turkey dogs in teriyaki sauce.
            One was with grated daikon and sliced green onion.
            The other which I enjoyed more was with miso dressing and kewpie mayo, enoki mushrooms and shredded nori.

            Pics to come!

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              That thread is where I first heard about them. I was too lazy to look for link, thanks. Haven't tried them yet but they sound really good.

          2. My mother used to wrap each hot dog in a slice of bacon, sort of spiraling it down the length of the hot dog, then fry them in a frying pan until the bacon was done.

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              If you top that in mayonaise and hot sauce, you've got a Sonoran hot dog. It also helps if you deep fry that bad boy.

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                Just had a flashback with Querencia's post....my mother used to do the same but she'd slice a lengthwise pocket in the dog and slip in some velveeta...then wrap the dog with bacon and broil till bacon was done and cheese started to ooze.

              2. Try hot dog florets deep-fried and dipped in Thai sweet-chili sauce. It's a startlingly good combination.

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                  Here are the Pics of the JAPADOGS!

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                      My thoughts exactly, fmed... there's no way to discuss "creative" hot dog toppings (not to mention "delicious"!) without referencing the Japadog stand!

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                        For whatever reason, I couldn't find much coverage on Japadog's when I did a yahoo search....
                        Someone get open a stand in San Diego :)

                2. Ok, this will sound strange, but our family likes it. One day out of desperation we came up with this when the only things available were hot dogs, onion, and corn tortillas.

                  We grilled the hot dogs, grilled the onion, and toasted the tortillas. Add a little deli mustard, mayo if you want. It has become a family favorite.

                  1. Make a Brazilian-style relish:

                    1 large egg, hard-cooked and cut into ¼ inch dice
                    1 ripe medium-size tomato, seeded and finely chopped
                    ¼ cup corn kernels, freshly cooked, or drained canned corn
                    ¼ cup cooked fresh or frozen green peas, or drained canned petits pois
                    ¼ cup pimiento-stuffed green olives, cut into ¼-inch dice
                    ¼ cup pitted black olives, cut into ¼-inch dice
                    ¼ cup diced red onion
                    3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
                    4½ teaspoons red wine vinegar, or more to taste
                    Salt and freshly ground black pepper

                    Combine all ingredients and use to top your hot dog! Use a large roll to hold everything.

                    1. homemade oki dog

                      two grilled hot dogs on a flour torilla topped with chili (no beans) and grilled pastrami

                      1. I just posted this on another hot dog post.

                        My host family in Brittany (St. Malo, France) made the strangest hot dog dish I have ever seen.

                        They put sauerkraut in a casserole dish, then split hot dogs and laid them on top of the kraut. they then put cheese and bacon on top of the hot dogs, and drizzled creme fraiche over the whole thing and baked it. It was...bizarre. I didn't like it much as I am not a big sauerkraut fan, but others I've shared this recipe with seem intrigued.

                        BTW, I'm not sure if the hot dogs were "American" hot dogs per se, but they tasted just like name brand American weiners to me.

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                          A regular "What To Cook When There's Hardly Anything In The Fridge And You Don't Feel Like Making A Big Deal About Dinner"

                          I keep a couple of packages of Hebrew National Reduced Fat Hot Dogs in the freezer and use them to make tacos.

                          Lately, I've been buying Mi Abuelita's tortillas (SF Bay Area) which are smaller and more "artisan". They also come in flavors like green and red chile. I just boil the dogs and slice in half. Grill the tortillas on my griddle (no oil - just dry) with some sliced sharp cheddar or feta inside. Slice up some green onions and tomatoes if I have them. Get out the Mrs. Renfrew's Green Salsa and spoon some on. Put the dogs in the tortillas and serve.

                          These are surprisingly delicious as well as quick and easy. I used to use regular, mass-produced tortillas and they worked fine.