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Oct 2, 2008 08:04 AM

Good Thai in KC or Overland Park?

I live in the Overland Park area and have been trying to find decent Thai food. I've tried Thai Place, but after them mixing up my orders numerous times and their recent crazy price increases, I won't be going there anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I like Thai Orchid's pad thai, on Martway. I have heard Tasty Thai up north is good, but have not tried it.

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    1. re: kctraci

      Tasty Thai is awesome. I stop every time I visit KC and have even had it shipped to OH.

    2. I like Thai Palace. Everything I've had there has been great. I was not aware of any price increases though.

      There's a place on 151st just West of 69 highway. Its in the same shopping area as Smoke N Fire. I think its called Thai Treasure. They've been very good as well.

      Avoid the Thai buffet at 95th and Metcalf at all costs. Bankok Pavilion I think is their name. The horror, the horror.

      1. I second the vote for Thai Orchid. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Everytime I come to KC, I have to go there!

        1. Yeah, we like Thai Orchid, too. The prices are much more reasonable than Thai Place. (I'm sorry but I won't pay $13.95 for shrimp pad thai when I could get a shrimp main for the same price elsewhere. Those kind of prices for noodle based dishes are ridiculous. Okay, the atmosphere is much more first date appropriate than that of Thai Orchid, but when we're just looking for good chow, well, there's no reason to pay those prices.

          Mee krob, lahd nah, and pad see ew are all really tasty at Thai Orchid, and not at all greasy, which a lot of places do rather than cook with a well seasoned wok. You can practically taste the wok at Thai Orchid, a good marker of an experienced cook! I'd love to hear others faves at TO?

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            We love the fish cake appetizer, thai sausage salad, and ginger duck at TO. We also like the drier style pad thai. It isn't as sweet as Thai Place and much less expensive. We really like Thai Orchid. It may not have as fashionable an atmosphere as Thai Place, but the food is better and more reasonably priced.

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              I always get chicken cashew nuts, it's a sweet/spicy gingery sauce with chicken, onions, carrots, a few other vegetables and cashews. It's heaven!

              I live two hours away and every time I'm in the KC area, I always eat there. The owner's know me by first name and I never have to tell them what I want, it was the first thai restaurant I have ever tried, and I haven't found anything better yet!

            2. My inlaws rave about Thai Place but I found the food to be servicable yet slightly over priced. Like their pineapple fried rice, you're only paying that much to have it served in a hollowed out pineapple shell.

              Ultimately, its food is comparable to an average Thai place in Los Angeles. Reading these reccomendations here it looks like I should try Thai Orchid when I get the chance.