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Oct 2, 2008 07:40 AM

Good place to eat/watch debate in Back Bay or nearby?

I see that a similar question has already been posted for Cambridge. Before the debate I'll be at an event on Newbury between Arlington and Berkeley. Would like place where 4 people can get dinner (dinner at bar is fine) and hear the debate.

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  1. Perhaps head over to the Last Hurrah in the Omni Parker at Beacon and Tremont? It's very quiet, very mellow, has TVs at the bar, and is mostly a hangout for politicians and businesspeople.

    1. Coda at Columbus and Dartmouth should fill the bill. Food is good as well.

      329 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

      1. Crossroads Irish Pub at the corner of Beacon and Mass Ave. If you go for no other reason, the commentary from the Irish bartenders is priceless!~

        They're hilarious.

        1. Oof, I've got to disagree w/ the Last Hurrah if you are looking to eat. Yes, politicians go there, but the food is awful. The drinks aren't bad though. Maybe go there if you're going to just have drinks and eat the cocktail mix they give you.
          Some ideas I have in the area...Parrish Cafe is good as far as sandwiches and drinks and they have tvs set up so I'm sure they'll show the debate on at least one of them. Cuffs at the Jury's Hotel has some good pub food and drinks along w/ a fireplace and a nice bar area. They have a tv by the bar. For seafood, you could hit Atlantic Fish Co. and sit up at the bar to watch the debate and dine on oysters, fish, scallops, whatever your pleasure.

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            Um, you do know that the VP debate took place last week, dontcha (to borrow from Sarah P.), which is what I think the OP was asking about?

            Do you think your suggestions might also be good choices for future Presidential debates? I think it'd be fun to watch them out. I was thinking that River Gods or People's Republik might carry the debates with audio (and running commentary). How about places around Beacon Hill, like 21st Amendment or Red Hat? Doyle's in JP?

            1. re: digga

              Um, yes, I'm sure everyone realizes that, but tonight there is a Presidential debate so perhaps Jody and/or others might want suggestions for that plus the one afterwards.