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Tasting Menu Dinner

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I am looking to do a tasting menu dinner for 2 on a Friday night in October. The important considerations are food (duh), wine selection, ambiance - more romantic/intimate conversation than lively or a scene. We also do not want to feel rushed, and hope to dinner would last 2+ hours.

I am considering No. 9 Park, Pigalle, Troquet, and L'Espalier (although have not heard enough about the new location yet). Any thoughts among these or recommendations for others? I am looking to keep it to Boston-proper, and not cross the river.

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  1. I've been to all but Troquet. I'd put No.9 park first, L'Espalier at the back end. You can search this board for my review of L'E. I was underwhelmed. At No.9, I was overwhelmed.

    1. No 9 definately and their wine pairings actually enhance the food. I've had L'E as well but have not yet been to Troquet.

      1. We were just checking out the menus at Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge, they have a nice looking tasting menu and vegetarian tasting menu as well.

        1. With the same criteria, Mrs. Franks and I did the late-summer tasting menu @ TW Foods a few weeks ago, and it was excellent. Had read some of the negatives (here) about the place, but had no quibbles. 7 courses and not really an off note. Nice pacing, nice portions, delicious food.

          1. My wife and I are fans of Pigalle. Their "petite" tasting menu is $95, $125 w/ wine and the grande is $115/$160. If you plan to eat there, wait until the theatre crowd has departed, usually about 7:45pm. The whole vibe of the place changes. Kerri & her staff will pamper you with wonderful, seamless service, and Marc & the kitchen crew will tantalize your taste buds. So, what are you waiting for?

            1. Chuck Draghi has just opened a place called Erbaluce in Bay Village. A tasting menu at his old joint, Marcuccio's, opened my eyes to what food was capable of doing and was the first event to convince me that cooking could be a creative art every bit as reality-warping as a great novel, piece of music, painting or film. The place is brand new, so nobody has any experience with this place yet, but I think you'll find many of us who will be willing to try the place on blind faith.


              Agreed that No. 9 Park is similarly reality-warping at its best.

              1. I would consider calling Will Gilson at the Garden in the Cellar and requesting one. They have a thoughtful, if not extensive, wine selection, and he has a good palate and the eagerness to comply.

                1. No. 9 Park is supposed to be amazing. I went to Excelsior last February and had an amazing experience there; it was during a week night so not sure how the weekends are. I had their tasting menu w/wine pairings and was so happy. http://www.excelsiorrestaurant.com/home/