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Oct 2, 2008 06:58 AM

Tasting Menu Dinner

I am looking to do a tasting menu dinner for 2 on a Friday night in October. The important considerations are food (duh), wine selection, ambiance - more romantic/intimate conversation than lively or a scene. We also do not want to feel rushed, and hope to dinner would last 2+ hours.

I am considering No. 9 Park, Pigalle, Troquet, and L'Espalier (although have not heard enough about the new location yet). Any thoughts among these or recommendations for others? I am looking to keep it to Boston-proper, and not cross the river.

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  1. I've been to all but Troquet. I'd put No.9 park first, L'Espalier at the back end. You can search this board for my review of L'E. I was underwhelmed. At No.9, I was overwhelmed.

    1. No 9 definately and their wine pairings actually enhance the food. I've had L'E as well but have not yet been to Troquet.

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        1. We were just checking out the menus at Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge, they have a nice looking tasting menu and vegetarian tasting menu as well.

          1. With the same criteria, Mrs. Franks and I did the late-summer tasting menu @ TW Foods a few weeks ago, and it was excellent. Had read some of the negatives (here) about the place, but had no quibbles. 7 courses and not really an off note. Nice pacing, nice portions, delicious food.