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Oct 2, 2008 06:21 AM

Best steakhouse and breakfast in Las Vegas?

Hi everyone,

I will be visiting the USA for the first time next week and will be landing in Las Vegas, and would like to know where the best steak house and breakfast can be found? I am willing to go off strip if there are some hidden gems.

I have heard about the breakfast buffets but they seem quite expensive now. Am I right in thinking that the better buffets are now priced at around $30?

Are there any other places which do awesome breakfasts? I'm quite a big eater but taste is also important as well.

Thanks in advance


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  1. The best breakfast I have found is at The Maple Tree. It is a small place in a strip mall near Jones and Spring Mountain. A little far from the strip though. Steak, so many places, just check the board.

    1. Agree with THE MAPLE TREE! Worth the trip! Perfect for someone new to the USA as it is the sort of breakfast joint you might find all over the country, it's not Vegas-style like the buffets.

      As for a steakhouse, depends on your budget.

      1. Best breakfast in Vegas is a probably Bouchon, but I also loved Payard and Tableau.
        If you're looking for BIG EATS, I don't know how you could miss Hash House a go-go. :-)

        Regarding Steakhouses.....I had a pretty bummer experience at Craftsteak, though many recommend it. I've heard great things about SW and I personally enjoyed Neros.

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          Yeah Bouchon is one of my favorite places of all time. I dined at Craftsteak as well and while the Foie Gras was the best I've had, I was really dispointed in my steak which is the main reason you go to a steakhouse. I have a reservation for SW at the end of the month that I'm looking forward to.

          1. re: cgervais45

            I've dined at all the top steakhouses, CUT has been my favorite.

            If you don't mind traveling off-strip Hash House a Go Go is a must for a big eater. Shy away from the potato dishes and you can't go wrong. Pork tenderloin benedict, blueberry-pecan or banana brown sugar flapjacks, and the french toast are some of my top picks.

            1. re: vegasjuhl

              I had those banana brown sugar pancakes at the Hash House A Go Go in San Diego. Man those things were bigger than my head. I literally could only eat about 1/4th of the pancakes and I'm a decent eater. All of the food there seems to overflow the plates. Like, three people could share a single item.

              Steakhouses: CUT, Craftsteak, N9NE. Depends on the kind of vibe the OP wants.

              1. re: vegasjuhl

                How would you compare CUT to SW as I have reservations as both and having a hard time choosing between the two.

                1. re: cgervais45

                  Sorry, someone else would have to reply. I have never eaten at SW. But CUT is really, really good.

                  1. re: Debbie W

                    option to dine outside on the patio
                    Caesar salad was wilted
                    wet aged steaks
                    great dessert
                    meal for two no alcohol $152

                    gets the nod for better service
                    fun bread service, tasty, too.
                    dry aged steaks (my preference)
                    fresh well prepared sides and appetizers
                    meal for two no alcohol $181

          2. Breakfast is Black Bear Diner on Trop. Great people, locally owned. Steakhouse is Craftsteak.

            1. Andres - welcome to America !! Hope you find comfort as well as entertainment in Las Vegas and wherever else your travels take you across America.

              You mention you are a big eater. Someone mentioned Hash house a-go-go ( it's original location is actually in San Diego, CA should your trip also include that area ) - They definitely serve large portions. I'm a big guy / big eater and i've yet to finish a breakfast there ( 4 visits ) and they've got some creatve hash and benedict dishes.

              The breakfast buffets at the Strip hotels ( the better ones - Bellagio, Wynn, Paris ) are around $30 on the weekends but cheaper during the week . If you are in Vegas for several days, i suggest you try one of the buffets - the main reason ? variety ! and yes, all-u-can-eat , but it's nice to have so many different things to eat.

              I, to am a fan of Maple Tree. In fact, it is my favorite breakfast place in the Vegas Valley. The only item on the menu that will satisfy the big eater is the maple sampler and even that pales in comparison to the Hash House A-Go-Go options.

              Another breakfast spot with large portions is Black Bear Diner - if you are a fan of Chicken Fried Steak for breakfast then i encourage you to try this place - they have a very large portion to satisfy the big eater.

              Steak ?!?! holy cow ! there are so many Steak places on the Strip and the surrounding areas. My main "beef" with them - consistency ! The only steak place i have not tried on the strip - Nero's in Caesar's. Most of them i've tried at least 2 times. Honestly, can't really give one the nod - i liked stripsteak ( 1st trip of the 3 was the best ) Delmonico's impressed me the 1st four trips - trip 5 was decent but i felt a drop in overall quality, Cut - decent ( i liked the Beverly Hills experience more ) , oooops ! i stand corrected - i have not tried carnevino - the prices scared me a little, but i'll try someday. My most memorable was at Craftsteak but that was over a year ago. This summer, had a below average experience. Had a great meal at The Palm at Caesar's but it was more from the overall experience.
              Whew ! sorry for the rambling. I think for a one time experience, the steak options available to you, Cut is the choice.

              Happy Eating !

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                If you go the buffet route, Wynn or Paris are my top two pics for breakfast buffets. I love the crepes at Paris but if you can overlook the crepes (which is hard for me to do, they have nutella!), Wynn is the better choice.