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Good and Cheap near 22nd and Chestnut?

Going to a show at the Unitarian Church and am looking for a place to meet beforehand. Mex would be great... Anything will be considered. Thanks.

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  1. Tequila's at 1602 Locust. That's about a 3/4 mile walk or short drive.

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      With entrees averaging about $22, I wouldn't call Tequila's cheap. Maybe the OP would.

      If you don't mind walking a few blocks south, there's the Grace Tavern at 22nd and South, and the Pub & Kitchen at 20th and Lombard.

    2. El Fuego burritos is pretty good (and fast) and just opened at 21st & Chestnut. I thought I read they got a liquor license but I'm not sure.

      1. There is a good Chinese restaurant at 19th and Chestnut (northern side) called Square on Square. Not far.

        1. Tria at 18th and Sansom for apps, salads, sandwiches, wine by the glass and interesting beer selection

          1. There's Almaz Cafe on 20th, just north of Walnut. Delicious Ethiopian, with entrees running about $8-$10. I don't think they serve liquor, but the coffee is excellent.

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              Thank you all. Think I'm going to give Tria a shot.

            2. Tampopo on 21st is tasy and inexpensive. The Bi Bim Bop is around $8.

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                I walked past Tampopo twic and it looked interestng... maybe next time. As I said, I decided on Tria and it was right on the mark. The beer selection was eight micros on tap and I looked no further. Tria reminded me of, and was apparently modeled on, inoteca and alta in NYC. There were even a few of inoteca's dishes on the menu including the truffled egg toast. I started with a bruschetta of black olive tapenade w/ red peppers and also herbed potato chips with truffled ailoi. My one complaint would be that the chips, although not advertised as such, were not homemade. That said, it was a tasty dish. The bruschetta was on tasty slices of good bread, two pieces to an order. As I was looking down the menu, two othings caught my eye. One was a smoked salmon sandwhich with accesories and the other a roasted asparagus salad. I asked the bartender which she liked better and received an ringing endorsement for the salad, which was immediately seconded by another bartender. They were good judges. It was a good sized salad with white beans and artichoke hearts. The staff was friendly and the crowd seemed to be folks out to graze both the food and the wine menus. I'd definitely go back. Thanks to all who made suggestions.

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                  Thanks for the report and I'm glad you liked Tria. I have only ever been there for lunch but I think the menu is the same for dinner. I really like the grilled artichoke panino sandwich.

                  I've tried Tampopo also. Obviously, its pretty bare bones decor and there is no alcohol served but I guess you can BYO. I've tried the Bi Bim Bap with scrambled egg and it was pretty tasty though I'm not a real afficionado of Korean food. I've also tried the spicy chicken rice bowl, which was too spicy for my taste. Also, the only thing that comes in the spicy chicken bowl is chicken and rice, nothing else. I've been meaning to go back to try the Bento box so I can get more of a variety.

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                  Tampopo is the only thing I miss about working in center city! The spicy chicken teriyaki is amazing!