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Oct 2, 2008 06:11 AM

Korean BBQ Grill--with a big yellow cow on the sign

On Tuesday, five of us ventured into this restaurant with no English name on Columbia Pike, intrigued by the big yellow cow on the sign, for a very untraditional Rosh Hashanah lunch.

Based on a tip by Tyler Cowan, we ordered the Pork neckmeat, which was served traditional Korean BBQ style, with lettuce and salty bean paste for rolling. The meat came out in much larger pieces than we expected for neck meat, and tastewise could easily have passed for thin boneless pork chops.

We ordered the grilled mackerel, which everyone enjoyed. It was salted and grilled, not much else, but the preparation worked well with this oily fish.

Boldly, we ordered the "ox knees stew" which was an extremely generous portion of tendon in very large chunks, tossed with slivered scallions, red pepper flakes, and sesame oil. There was no broth. The tendon was good, but the portion would have served 10 people. If you were dining here solo, this dish would be a mistake.

The chilled buckwheat noodle with broth was the waitress's suggestion instead of the plain buckwheat noodle that our 8 year-old companion requested. The noodles were extremely chewy and accompanied by a very cold broth and long slices of daikon.

One of our dishes (probably either the mackerel or the ox knees) came with a small, bubbling, stone bowl of a tofu and kim chi soup, which everyone enjoyed.

The banchan were a bit better than average. The peppered cucumber slices were my favorite.

On the whole, we ordered rather adventurously, and I believe this restaurant is certainly worth a follow up visit. I'd order the ox knee stew again, if the group were large enough.

7215 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA, 703-894-0431, in the mall between Rte. 236 and Columbia Pike with the Giant

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  1. I'm a fan of the place for two reason. BBQ and nangmyun. I think it has the best quality beef. Nang myun is also very good (would say the best in DC though). That title is still out since the closing of Woo Lee Oak in CC. The banchan is its weakness. They are just ok. Over all a solid place and definitely on our list of korean places.

    1. Tied it today for lunch with two lunch specials: LA Style BBQ with noodles in cold broth and with noodles in spicy sauce with raw fish. The banchan were good but not as good as Yee Chon, the LA BBQ was not up to Gool Dae Gee (Honey Pig) across the street and you get a larger order at HP. The noodles were good but not quite up to Yet Gol in Wheaton. But all in all, not bad. Just hard to pass up the pig when we have come so far (from outer Silver Spring) for food! Maybe I would have a different opinion agter another visit: there is more to try on the menu!

      Really difficult communication issues but the waitress was trying so hard to get her points across.