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Oct 2, 2008 05:52 AM

need help binding a vegan loaf

Lots of threads here suggest egg substitutes - such as tapioca, potato flour, etc. My question is a bit more specific:

I'm making a vegan nut-loaf as part of a Thanksgiving meal. Last time I made this loaf, it didn't bind together well. (I used about 2 tbsp potato flour, plus about 2 tbsp ground flax simmered in water until goopy; also included about 3/4 cup bread crumbs).

What kind and what amount of egg substitutes would you recommend, to bind a loaf (approx 4x9")?

One caveat: Ener-G egg replacer has tapioca & potato starch as its main ingredients - so I'd rather just use those starches than buy a box of Ener-G that I'll never use again...


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  1. what kind of nut loaf is this going to be ? savory or sweet?

    1. Have you tried using some pureed soft tofu? I'm not positive it would work, but it would be worth a shot.

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        The nut loaf is savory.
        I've heard about using soft tofu... If you how much to use (and what kind - silken or regular), I'm all ears.

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          Maybe you've checked it already but when I need to make subs to vegan-ize a recipe I refer to the post punk kitchen:

      2. tofu will not bind, but might be a nice addition. Just be careful not to get one that's got too much water contend.

        wheat gluten will bind if you sprinkle some evenly onto the moist mixture and mix it moderately with you hand, like how one would squeeze to make meat balls.

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          I second the vital wheat gluten as a binder. It's also great as a starting ingrediant for making 'sausage' or 'chicken' patties.

        2. i knew someone who used flaxseed in place of eggs for vegan cookies. so i googled it:

          1. Not quite the expert but I do subs all the time trying to make things as vegan as possible.
            1) 1 tbsp soy flour + 1 tbsp water = 1 egg ( temp needs to be reduced slightly )
            2) Half a banana = 1 egg (keep in mind if you want your things to taste like banana or not )
            3) The flax seed thing ( although i know you said you tried )
            4) Sound weird I know ( preface ) I have blended some okra with tofu ( usually silken ) and it has worked.

            Hope it turns out well and share your tips of success.

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            1. re: enthusiast

              Hmm - the wheat gluten may be worth a try.
              How much would you suggest, to equal about 3 eggs?