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Oct 2, 2008 05:06 AM

kerrygold garlic & herb butter -- where can i buy it in nova?

has anyone seen this product in local grocery stores: ?

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  1. I think Wegmans carries it.

    1. You should be able to find it at Whole Foods stores in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area. I am the U.S. public relations representative for Kerrygold and I just asked my client.

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      1. re: Sandy Hu

        great, thanks sandy! nice job, huh? i'll bet you're thin, too. <drats!! no fair!!> {;-D

        1. re: Sandy Hu

          God I love Kerrygold Butter! Its so much sweeter than American butter. And the Kerrygold cheeses are great too. So much more flavor than many American brands.

        2. fwiw, I buy Kerrygold butter at Wegman's Fairfax all the time. Not sure if they have garlic, but sure they carry Kerrygold

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          1. re: JEDIKNIGHT

            I've seen Kerry Gold at Harris Teeter in Manassas and Wegmans in Fairfax but I just buy the regular. I don't know if they have other varieties.

          2. Fairfax Wegman's has it, in fact, it's in their recipe for steamed clams. A bag of steamers, add a stick of Kerrygold garlic/herb...

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            1. re: soilman

              I get the steamers every Friday and steam them in beer. I'll try the Kerry Gold next time.

              I was so happy to see Wegmans had steamers because I haven't had them since I lived on Long Island.

            2. I just bought some at Harris Teeter in Darnestown. I found it in the gourmet cheese section at the front of the store rather than in the butter/dairy section in the last aisle.

              I melted several thin slices over some roasted salmon the other night and it was tremendous. There is almost an escargot-butter quality to it.

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              1. re: CDouglas

                i'll check there! sounds delicious.... i bet it would be good in this little "roasted" tomato dish of mine (instead of the olive oil...) : which sort of reminds me of escargot.... try it!