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Oct 2, 2008 02:51 AM

Maghreb in St-Michel (Gazette)

The Montreal Gazette ran quite a detailed look at the North African bread bakeries, pastry shops, butchers, grocers, cafés and restaurants along the stretch of Jean-Talon E. between St-Michel and Pie-IX"

Worth an explanation, but please, no "Moorish-style arches" - our fake Italianate arches in Petite Italie are bad enough... Susan Semanak has found some treats I was unaware of - will definitely seek out a "monchon" or a "koca".

The butcher I liked a bit west of there (Ibervillle) who made great merguez seems to have closed since Le Coin du Mexique moved across the street into his former premises.

This is part of an occasional series, "Tastes of our town" - there is a link to an earlier article on Côte-des-Neiges, and they are open to suggestions for other neighbourhoods - presumably also in Laval and the nearby South Shore (Brossard)?

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  1. Thanks, I live right in this area and it will be of great help to figure which shop is good. I kinda like Grand Maghreb where the bread and pastries are ok for the price and Sabrah (not sure of the spelling) is great for shish taouk.

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      Another area maybe worth exploring food wise, is Montreal North. Lots of food related establishments like your area(been to your area several times, to eat at Sabra for shish taouk & etc.).

      1. re: BLM

        Sabra sounds like an Abu-Elias equivalent. Am I wrong?
        Is la Ligne Rouge good for Shish-Taouk? A friend thought it was excellent but how does it stack up here on chowhound?

        1. re: hungryann

          Sabra is very similiar to Abu-Elias in what they offer(including how they grill their meats). I've eaten at La Ligne Rouge before, but can't remember if I tried their shish-taouk.

          1. re: hungryann

            I've had the gyro at Ligne Rouge and found it quite forgettable although it could do in a pinch. With all the fast food options around there however, I don't think I'll be going back very soon.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Just wanted to update this post to say that I've recently had had really good gyro pita from La Ligne Rouge. The meat was crispy, flavourful and well seasoned. Unfortunately their tzaziki was still runny and weak.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                What meat combination do they use for their gyro?

                1. re: hungryann

                  I couldn't tell you for sure. There was definitely lamb, but it wasn't all lamb. I shall inquire next time I'm there.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    So I finally got around to trying La Ligne Rouge. I only had their gyro pita and I was shocked how good it was. First off, the meat looked perfect on the spit; I have an eye for good gyro! :) Upon tasting it, I confirmed my eyes' impression: tender, nicely seasoned, not dried out and yet still plenty of crispy bits. Two minor quibbles; the all-dressed includes iceberg lettuce...gasp! A big no-no in my book. The second complaint is the chewy, arabic pita they use; the sandwich would be sublime with a fluffy greek pita to absorb all the gyro juices!
                    I will definitely go back and try some of their other offerings, including the souvlaki, the chicken gyro and the gyro pita sans lettuce. Do you think, it would be bad form to BYOP (bring my own pita)? :D
                    Yes, I am pork drunk from my gyro and my banh mi escapade today.