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Oct 1, 2008 11:37 PM

Eating Challenges in SE Michigan

What are the eating challenges in SE Michigan? (ie. Mallie's 6lbs. burger...)

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  1. Eating anything at all at Bandito's in Ann Arbor. What crap.

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    1. re: Summerfield

      I like the giant burrito at Big 10 Burrito... great, fresh ingredients and relatively affordable.

        1. re: Summerfield

          Yep, their burritos are simple, inexpensive, and decent. You can even go to the Cantina branch on South U and have a Mexican beer with your burrito.

    2. Try the two-pound stacked ham sandwich at the Allen Park Bar. I couldn't finish it. But probably it's closer to being a realistic goal than eating a six-pound burger would be.

      Ditto on Bandito's. They're rude to boot.

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      1. re: Jim M

        In a similar vein, there's Tony's Restaurant in Birch Run. The video below was taken there. The video's name, "Bacon sandwich as big as your head", says it all.

        Of course, the biggest eating challenge in SE Michigan lately may be the bill.

        1. re: Jim M

          Allen Park bar has been closed for almost 2 years... but Wheat and Rye has a similar, if not the same, thing. Reuben might only be a pound though.

        2. Does Jackson count as SE Michigan? If so, the Parlour ice cream place has a Dare to Be Great sundae with something like 21 scoops of ice cream. It used to be free if you ate it all. Not sure about now. Also, they had a Black Cow root beer float with 5 scoops of vanilla, and you got to keep the glass.

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          1. re: charlesbois

            I think that, for the sake of this thread, Jackson counts as SE Michigan. Anyway, I think that the Bomber Breakfast at the Bomber Restaurant in Ypsilanti qualifies - four eggs, 1 lb. of potatoes and 1 lb. of breakfast meat. God, I'm gettin' hungry.

            1. re: Summerfield

              ya know... I lived in Ypsi for 3 years and like 5 blocks from this place and never ate there. that sounds like a great challenge.

            2. re: charlesbois

              I'll be out that way for the XC state meet in a few weeks. might have to take my qualifiers there and try that

            3. Hunter House in Birmingham has a running wall of "fame" for number of burgers eaten in a sitting. i.e. 10 singles, two large fries, a coke and a donut by ________ age 12.

              There burgers are a bit larger than a slider and smaller than say a Wendy's junior.

              1. The Sagebrush in Lake Orion doesn't have a challenge, however, it does have a 3lb Chimichanga that is very good.