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Oct 1, 2008 09:38 PM

Great food in Pittsburgh near Wm. Penn Hotel Omni

We'll be in Pittsburgh in a couple weeks to visit/feed our son, who probably hasn't had any great food since he left for school in August. I wondered if there was anywhere worhtwhile nearby the Omni. I've seen some great suggestions on a few other we can drive/take a cab...but if there's any place that stands out within walking distance, I'd really appreciate the recommendation.

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  1. Six Penn in the theatre District...10 minute walk from you...upscale and pretty nice concept from the Eatn Park people.....You have a Capital Grille...upscale steakhouse...very nice, big portions...expensive. In the Westin(The hotel attached to the convention center)you will find the Fish Market...great fresh fish...and other stuff too...not bad for a hotel restaurant. If you walk 10-15 min, or drive 2 minutes to the Strip District...Nine is a good upscale place

    1. Here's a map. It is not entirely up to date. The Carlton is right across the street from the hotel. Morton's is not far on Liberty Ave. Nine on Nine (not on map) is at Penn Ave. and 9th Street. A half a block up Penn is Sonoma Grille. A few blocks down Penn is SixPenn, as mentioned. A little more of a walk on Smallman Street are Eleven and Lidia's. Substantial eats.

      1. My "worthwhile" would also include Franktuary (325 Oliver) and Mexico City (walk towards the Mon, it's on Smithfield). Because all college kids should know where the best dogs and tacos are, even off-campus ;-)

        Btw, Kevin Sousa might still be working at Nine on Nine then, so if you're going to pick only one, that would be my choice.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like we'll be in good shape for the weekend!