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Oct 1, 2008 08:57 PM

Review: The Fix Burger

First off, I should say that I’m a big burger fan but lean more towards the thick, juicy pub burgers that one finds on the east coast over the “iceberg sandwich” that seems to be the standard, as set by Apple Pan, in SoCal. My current favorites are the not-so-secret burger at Café Stella, the Pug from Hungry Cat and The Park’s burger, even though they charge an extra buck for homemade aioli. Would The Fix be a new contender?

Anyone familiar with the area will know that parking is a bitch. I circled the block a few times before I found a spot, but in the end it turned out to be worth it.

On to the matter at hand…

The restaurant itself is brightly lit and feels more like a yogurt shop (read Pinkberry rip-off) than a down and dirty burger joint. The staff was very personable – the dude who took my order introduced himself and told me they’d been open less than five days. I ordered the Fix burger (1/2 lb., $7.95) with cheddar cheese ($1) and specified medium rare. To go along with my beef, I opted for the garlic fries ($3.95) and a chocolate shake ($3.95). My total came to $17.95, which is a bit pricey for a burger fries and a shake at what is basically a fast food joint.

While waiting, I took a look around. They claim to use “certified humane” beef and biodegradable packaging. Burgers and sides come in paper clamshells. Beverages are served in that cool corn-based plastic that seems der rigeur these days. In addition to beef, they offer turkey, buffalo and ostrich patties. One can also opt for a Mini (1/4 lb.) burger and swap the bun for a lettuce wrap.

I took my food to go and broke local speed limits on the way home to chow down. My car filled with a heady garlic aroma.

My first sip of the shake was promising, it was thick and creamy, although the flavor relied on sweet over chocolaty. I would’ve preferred something with a bit more cocoa bite – not necessarily something I’d opt for again.

I set the fries and burger on the paper bag they came in and snapped a couple of quick shots before digging in.

First, the fries…
In a word, they were delicious - sprinkled with parsley and liberally dosed with what appeared to be poached or roasted garlic. Don’t bother with ketchup. The serving is large and could easily be split between two hungry chowhounds.

As for the burger…
The beef was cooked perfectly medium-rare and was exceptionally flavorful - I mean it actually had that distinctive beefy taste that seems to be absent in factory farmed meat - although a little more charring or caramelization would have been welcome. The patty came on an oversized sesame seed bun (pretty average in consistency) and was accompanied by mayo, green leaf lettuce, red onion and tomato. Note to the kitchen – sliced raw tomato should be salted in order to bring out the flavor. After the minor correction, I continued chomping and chewing, thoroughly enjoying the beefy goodness.

Fully sated, I tossed the paper and corn-plastic refuse into my recycling bin and sat back in a daze clutching my distended belly. I’m already thinking about what I’ll have on my next visit. The sliders with caramelized onions sound like a good call…

The Fix Burger
2520 Hyperion Ave.
Silver Lake 90027

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  1. on this HOT day i found my self desperate and hungry, so we too tried The Fix, thinking "burger is beautiful."
    we were the only people in the joint and got a super welcome.
    i had the rodeo burger(couldn't think about another as this one has onion rings on it!), the boy had teriyaki and carmeilzed onions on his. we also went for the garlic fries and i went in for some "dijon bistro sauce" to dip. the bistro sauce was more of a zesty mayo than dijon but perfect for those heaven fries. my burger was juicy and cooked just right and the onion rings on it were real onions w/plenty to last the whole burger.
    there was no bite sharing at this meal. it was eat and grab.
    plus they have root beer for me and orangina for my guy. next time i'll try a shake, hope they make black and white.
    i will be back.

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    1. re: lucygoosey

      Has anyone tried one of their non-beef offerings?

    2. I ordered a bunch of stuff for the office today. They were super nice and friendly. Way too expensive to make our regular menu drawer and based on our initial experience, not fantastic enough for birthday and special day lunches. Had a turkey burger myself. Way too salty. Coleslaw was good. Sweet potato fries good but no better than many less expensive places. Wasn't bowled away by the garlic fries or the fried mushrooms. The onion rings, like the mushrooms were breadcrumbed and sort of pale and limp. One employee ordered a Cobb Salad which didn't look appetizing at all to me and he was non-plussed. The two chicken sandwich eaters were happy as was the lone beef eater but no one was blown away, given the steepish prices, except the veggie burger girl who was completely delighted. The place is new though and the service was so incredibly nice, we'll give them a chance to get their legs and try again in a month or so.

      1. We went today and shared a pesto burger and a salad. The burger was super high-quality, perfectly cooked and delicious.

        The green salad was ample - fresh baby greens and ripe cherry tomatoes. The sesame-ginger dressing was good as well. They also have self-serve yummy pickle spears, which I very much appreciated. My only complaint is that they don't have iced tea...maybe that will change in time.

        The space no longer has that weird and unwelcoming vibe of Comfort Cafe and is now bright and modern. The guy at the counter was extremely nice and enthusiastic about the food.

        So happy this is in the neighborhood! I am looking forward to trying buffalo, ostrich and veggie burgers. The place was completely empty when we arrived, but a few other folks came in while we were eating. Go check it out - I want this one to stick around.