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Oct 1, 2008 08:21 PM

Best Dim Sum

I am looking for a good Dim Sum restaurant. I do like the idea of carts, but doesn't have to have. I am in Richmond Hill and I don't mind travelling. I want to take my dad, who doesn't eat pork. He thinks they have too many pork items. Looking for a variety and some vegetarian options. Thanks

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  1. Well you're certainly located in the middle of the dim sum action. I'll kick it off with Diamond Banquet Hall in the First Markham Place mall.

    1. I too despise pork, just out of choice though and not a dietary or religious constraint. I cannot say that Grand does not use pork in any of its products (if it is for religious purposes), but I do know that they do not often feature pork in many of their dishes. Please see the thread on Grand:
      It is located near the airport in Etobicoke.

      Another option is Lotus, my second favourite dim sum place at the moment:
      It is a purely vegetarian restaurant and offers many great dim sum options during lunch. It is located at Midland, just south of Steeles.


      1. Try Casa Imperial on Steeles (between Warden and Birchmount). They have a lot of seafood items.

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          Another option is Empire Court inside the Hilton: 8500 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario. It's not nearly as good as Grand, but I would rank it in the top 5 of GTA.

        2. I'm working for a candidate in the upcoming election. His office is at Hwy 7 and Chalmers (between Bayview and Leslie), and he says (after eating there for nearly 20 years) that the "Imperial Jade"(in the same building) has very good dim sum. He was fairly dismissive of the Galaxy next door; he felt that it was more expensive, not better quality, and not as friendly/helpful.