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Oct 1, 2008 08:10 PM

Help! Onion dip recipe called for mayo, but the stuff I used was sweet, blech. Am I SOL?

I'm hosting a bunch of people for the VP debate tomorrow evening, and thought I'd serve up a basic onion dip recipe I got from Cooking Light.

The recipe called for caramelized onions, cream cheese, sour cream, Worcester sauce, and MAYO. I usually make food with Hellmann's, but today I used WF's 365 brand, and it tastes way too sweet. Unfortunately I realized this after adding it to the dip. Any solutions? Do you know if the mayo flavor will be tempered by chilling overnight in the fridge?

Any insight at all will be appreciated, as I'm a relatively new cook.

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  1. I'm guessing the flavor will mellow after sitting overnight. Caramelizing onions bring out the sugar in them, so that may contribute to the sweetness you're tasting.

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      That could be, although it tasted too sweet even before I added the onions. Maybe I should have used less mayo.

      I just added more sour cream and cream cheese, but it didn't seem to reduce the sweet-mayonnaise flavor.

    2. The salty chips should round everything out!

      1. I agree to let the flavors settle and your dipping elements should balance things out. Anther suggestion is to add a small squeeze of lemon or maybe a little more sour cream (as long as it isn't adulterated with some sweetener)....some more sour can counterbalance nicely without turning "sweet and sour".

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          Lemon sounds like it would be perfect, actually. Unfortunately I don't have one. Would lime be too intense? What about a drop or two of vinegar?

        2. Give a taste to the WH 365 Mayo by itself. Is it way sweeter than Hellman's? If so, either double up and make another batch correctly, and mix the two batches together to produce one big batch that's half as sweet, OR trash it. And make it correctly. PS please report back on the taste of the WF brand. Sweet, sugary mayo is an abomination to all things decent in this world. I'd like to know if it's the culprit so I don't make the same mistake of buying it.

          1. You need an acid and salt, so either lemon or try red vinegar, or juice from green olives or pickles. If you have pickled jalapenos, add those too. Then bake it. whip it all in a blender, and then put into an oven proof dish..
            Bake it at 350 until bubbly. I know it doesn't taste like "onion dip" because that's what your mouth is waiting for, like when you go to drink a coke, and you get a mouthful of milk. That's a horrifying experience, and so you just have to change your dish and accept it, or if you simply can't get beyond the new flavor creation you should toss it. I wouldn't waste anything more other than the few tablespoons of acid I suggested, otherwise you're throwing good money after bad...or so the saying goes.

            And I've had a carmalized dip probably made with Best Foods, (our Hellmans) and it is way to sweet for me even with the regular mayo. We all just expect that salty boxed version.