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Oct 1, 2008 08:03 PM

ISO casual restaurants in Broomfield, CO

Hope I'm in the right area for discussions on restaurants in the greater Denver area. Anyway, we're going to be in Broomfield this weekend and I'm interested in casual places for lunch and dinner (e.g., bistros, cafes). Thanks!

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  1. A huge shopping area (indoor mall, free-standing stores) called Flatiron Crossing is located in Broomfield. Most of the restaurants in and around there are chains. See

    There's not much of a real downtown to Broomfield, and many of the local restaurants are small ethnic eateries. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with them. The next town up the pike is Louisville. If you like Chinese food, try Spice China on McCaslin Blvd (exit off US 36) . Next door is an attractive Italian restaurant called Via Toscana. The nearby old town has several restaurants. The very best is the Empire Lounge and Restaurant at 816 Main Street.

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      Claire, I was in Broomfield on business last week and went to Spice China, having enjoyed it 5 years ago. This time it was not good. Place was dirty, service sloppy (a fellow sitting down the bar from me had to ask for his beer 3 times) and the noodle plate I had was not even up to what I'd expect at a fast food chain.

      And you are right about upstairs at the Kitchen, way to loud and too much of a "bar" scene.

      1. re: BlueOx

        BlueOx - Sorry to hear about your disappointment at Spice China. Until late last year, my husband worked a couple of blocks from there, and it was always good -- lunch or dinner. I have never been to Via Toscana but know that it is attractive because it took over the space that had been, I think, Pan e Vino. I mentioned it because of its looks, not its quality.

        And did write anything about Upstairs at the Kitchen being loud? Recently?

    2. There is a new Proto's Pizza near the Broomfield Event Center. It's in a construction area (aloft hotel, condos, etc.) but is already open for lunch and dinner.

      I live near Broomfield but usually drive a few minutes up Hwy 36 to Boulder for sustenance. Plenty of places there at various price points (The Kitchen, Frasca, Q's, Dish Gourmet, Black Cat, etc.).

      Flatiron Crossing is a culinary wasteland. Bloom and Village Tavern chains are passable but unremarkable. There are fast casual places in the area which started in CO like Chipotle, Noodles, and Spicy Pickle. Spice China is decent, but I'm not a fan of Via Toscana. In the McCaslin corridor, I like Tibet's:
      Mixed experiences at Empire but on the whole good, independent place.
      The people who originally opened the classic Waterloo Records in Austin opened the Waterloo Ice House (if you're hankering for a burger).

      If you find any cute bistros or cafes in Broomfield with delicious food, please let us know where they are. :-)

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      1. re: rlm

        Uh-oh. I'd heard that Broomfield was an upscale suburb of Denver with lots of upscale boutiques, cafes, interesting shops, etc. we're thinking of moving to this area and will be checking out housing this weekend. Hmmmmmm........ Thanks everyone!

        1. re: meem

          Huh? Yeah, I definitely wouldn't term it that. But, there may be some hidden gems and you're very close to Boulder which would definitely have more of the stuff you're looking for.

          1. re: RobynS

            Imagine what the person who describes Broomfield as an "upscale suburb" must think of the rest of the metero area? Anyhoo I have enjoyed my meals at Bloom although I have not been in a while. I read Flatirons is going to re-build the outdoor area and Bloom is going to re-locate. I would probably drive the extra 15 minutes to Boulder. Although I am sure there are probably some great undiscovered ethnic places in Broomfield waiting to be to written about in Chowhound.

          2. re: meem

            Broomfield is upscale and interesting? Did you hear this from the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce perhaps? :-) It's not a bad area (near the foothills) and they've got new development occurring, but it's not THAT exciting.

            Claire, Tibet's took over the old Pan e Vino space.

            Last time I went to POM on 120th, lots of their refrigerated noodles were long expired and I couldn't find miso paste. Some of their frozen Indian meals felt all bubbly like they'd been thawed and re-frozen. It's weird how the Japanese and Chinese products are shoved into one aisle at the end and mixed together.

            I love The Kitchen Upstairs, although it definitely has a loud bar vibe as the evening wears on.

            1. re: rlm

              rlm - I haven't eaten at either Tibet's or Toscana, which I think are pretty much across McCaslin from each other. I haven't been down McCaslin in over a year and guess I got the two locations mixed up. Sorry.

              Sorry to read about POM's decline. If they end up consolidating there after Alameda Square is torn down, maybe they'll clean up their act again -- or maybe they'll just add combine stock that has passed its expiration date.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                Tibet's is fantastic! Try something with Yak, OK, it tastes like beef but it's an interesting conversation piece. But, this is truly a terrific place. Via Toscana is good Italian comfort food. Nice, reasonably priced wine list and a surprisingly good selection of Scotch.

                I have always liked Bloom. Flatz in the Renaissance Hotel has been great and has been mediocre.

                The Old Louisville Inn is a particular favorite. The Waterloo Icehouse on Main Street has great music on the week-ends and good burgers and also a limited selection of other sandwiches. I'm disappointed in their beer offerings, though.

                1. re: ClaireWalter

                  Claire, I haven't been to the POM on Alameda in a long time so it is possible it doesn't suffer from the same issues I observed recently at the 120th location.

                  I won't go back to Flatz unless someone conks me in the head and drags me in there unconscious.

                  I really like Tibet's. We mainly do take-out, and they have a comfy leather couch next to a fountain where you can relax while you're waiting to get your momo on.

                  1. re: rlm

                    I was in the Alameda POM recently, and wasn't that impressed. I've only been shopping at the Broomfield POM for three years, and haven't noticed a decline in that time period, but it wasn't that great to start with - come of their products are a bit sketchy. I wish that H-Mart was closer to Boulder (haven't been to the Aurora H-Mart, but have liked H-Mart in other parts of the country)), or that 99 Ranch would open up shop.

              2. re: meem

                Broomfield could be all those things if your idea of a great place is new suburbs, new homes, and all the best chains at the mall. Flatirons Crossing is nice as far as malls go, or so they tell me, I don't go there.

                If your idea of "upscale boutiques, cafes, interesting shops, etc." is independent places, not chains, then you'll be much better served by going 15 minutes further north/west on US-36, into Boulder. Or down into Denver proper.

            2. There are some good Vietnamese places in Broomfield, esp on 120th st. Look for the shopping center with Pacific Ocean Mart and ARC Thrift on 120th at Main St - there are several pho joints next door (Pho Duy, Pho 79) that are pretty good.