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my birthday dinner

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I am looking for a place to go for my 32nd birthday!!! looking for a great, fun place to have dinner and maybe stay for a few drink. In the downtown area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Kubo Radio on Queen East might work for you. Fairly laid back, interesting drink menu. In the same part of the world, Table 17 is nice, with a vodka bar next door.

    Happy B'day!

    1. how many people?

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        It's now looking about 6 girls, looking something small, cute, cozy imtate with great food. I love all foods!! Something reasonablely priced. Can Even be North of the city.

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          mini market on college is well priced small plates asian food.
          beerbistro is fun....the food is good and fairly priced.
          have heard good things about delux & sidecar...both are reasonably priced with well reviewed food.
          the drake is always fun.
          tomi-kro sounds like it would really fit the bill...queen & leslie area...cool but cozy, really good food and again, i think it's well priced.

      2. Kultura on King East could fit the bill...

        1. How about Noce on Queen West.