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Oct 1, 2008 05:24 PM

Olympic Restaurant, near Biodome

So we ate lunch at this diner place called the Olympic Restaurant, few blocks from the Pie-IX station, on Hochelaga. We were just casting around for a place to go and saw that on some software we have, so gave it a go. It wasn't awful, more mediocre than anything else. We ordered souvlaki (pork) and gyros. The gyros were a step below what I can get locally in Vermont (which is slices of meat from a prepackaged loaf they get from the local food service distributer). The souvlaki was actually tasty, as it was real pork that they'd actually marinated there. The tzatziki had a good flavour, and I didn't think it came pre-made but I couldn't be completely certain of that. The price was certainly right, $7.95 each. We got a bowl of soup to start (greasy chicken noodle that had surprisingly not sucky broth, and was probably from a can that I'm glad I didn't see), the sandwiches with a plate of greasy fries that were fried in oil that needed to be changed and that needed to be hotter (I didn't eat mine), and a dessert, which was a white cake with some strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting that came from some local store or bakery, uhm, several days ago, at least.

We probably would have been happier with the choices in the cafeteria at the Biodome, but it wasn't horrific, just not especially good. :)

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  1. I'd doubt that the prok was marinated on site as most of these diners buy the same frozen kebabs. Same for the tzaziki, it usually comes in big plastic tubs from the same said company. I usually try to avoid most of these places where frozen is the new fresh.

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      There are some much better restaurants (fancy or not) in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area, but most of them are farther south. I used to teach languages at the YMCA there on Hochelaga, and there was really nowhere decent to eat on that street. You might have better luck at the Marché Maisonneuve, a small public market with a beautiful old building and statue (those are now used for other things; the current market is a modern structure right beside it, with some farmers and merchants outside in good weather). It had a good counter that grilled sausages, and perhaps a couple of other places (I haven't been back there in a while).

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        Well, I was wobbly on my pins due to having hurt my left ankle, so walking a lot more wasn't really an option. I figured it was pretty grim in the area. :) I seem to be better today, and I"m looking forward to dim sum in chinatown for lunch. :) We're going to the science museum today.

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          The immediate area on Hochelaga remains pretty grim, foodwise and otherwise. Walking to the Y to teach there, I passed a totally abandoned block of flats and a creepy bar that only seemed to have one client, feeding coins into a slot machine. Remember a really bad Chinese restaurant as well. This despite some very nice new condo conversions (former factories) on adjacent streets. North of the stadium there is the Botanical Gardens, beautiful but I don't believe their cafeteria has been relooked yet like the one on Mont-Royal has (hope I'm wrong about that). The closest nice places to eat are at the Maisonneuve Market, and further down on Ontario and Ste-Catherine E. Sorry you hit a dud.

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            There's a science museum in Montreal?
            What about the Kon-Tiki resto on Sherbrooke, near Viau? You know, where the drinks come in coconut shells, topped with tiny umbrellas?

            1. re: rillettes

              > There's a science museum in Montreal?

              Yup, that's where the very, very strange Body Worlds show was exhibited last year:


              > What about the Kon-Tiki resto on Sherbrooke, near Viau? You know, where the drinks come in coconut shells, topped with tiny umbrellas?

              Have you actually tried that place? I was intrigued by a review in Resto-a-go-go but a little skeptical that the food's not horrible. ;-)

              1. re: kpzoo

                It is fairly horrible - sort of Westernised-Chinese buffet, and not in a good way. I've found Buffet Vichy et all worse though. If you wonder why on earth I'd go to such places, it was with classes at the Hochelaga Y, looking for a nearby place.

                The décor is hilarious though. We had more fun posing for pictures of each other than eating the lacklustre food.

                1. re: lagatta

                  > The décor is hilarious though. We had more fun posing for pictures of each other than eating the lacklustre food.

                  Yup, that's the whole point. Good times, lousy food. However, that's as far as I will go.

                    1. re: mainsqueeze

                      There is supposed to be dancing on Saturday nights. I always wanted to go there to enjoy the kitsch atmosphere but none of my friends want to go with me:(

                      I thought that it could be fun to go dancing on kitschy music and have drinks with umbrellas in them. Has anyone been there on a Saturday night? I am sure the food is awful but sometimes the ambiance is worth it!

      2. In the other direction on Sherbrooke just west of Pie IX there is a Moe's: BBQ chicken, smoked meat, etc. Decent enough place.

        I have been often to Jardin Tiki and the food is good. Yes there are better buffets but this one works for me. Near there is a Scores with absolutely dismal service and a Madisons (out of my budget).

        There is food in the Auberge Universel hotel too, not memorable but not horrible either.

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          There is a small resto at Ontario @ Morgan, they have a pretty decent lunch special: I've had the creme de tomates, a scrumptious panino, and a macaroni salad that was meh. For less than $20, I think it's one of the few civil places in HoMa. Service was OK as well. I'd come back if I ever venture to that area again for some bizzare reason.

          1. re: erufiku

            There is actually quite a bit of architecture worth seening there, and a few decent bistros with prices cheaper than they would be in a more central or gentrified neighbourhood, as they don't have to pay such steep rents. There have been discusisons of restaurants in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (such as Le Valois, La Bicyclette Rouge etc) on the board earlier. But they are all south o the area right by the Biodome. If the visitors are in a car, they could also go up to that little bistro near Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital - sorry, forget the name, will try to remember it or dig it up.