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Small Group Dinner Near Scarsdale

I'm trying to organize a dinner for about 8 or 10 (12 at most) women within the next few weeks. It would be during the week, most likely a Wednesday night. We are in Scarsdale, but I would say we could go to any of the surrounding towns -- Mamaroneck, Larchmont, White Plains, Bronxville, maybe even Port Chester (PC is fine with me, but not so sure about everyone else).

Anyway, I am completely drawing a blank. Ideally it would be someplace "festive" or at least someplace with a bit of atmosphere. The person that I am planning this with suggested Fuji Mountain in Larchmont (I haven't been or heard much about it) or Blue Moon (in Bronxville). I know that there have been negative reports on Blue Moon.

Any ideas? Anything would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. The Tap House in Tuckahoe is fun, for a modern twist on comfort food, non pretentious fun atmosphere, not too far from Scarsdale and not to crazy on a Wednesday night, either. Fuji Mountain is ok at best, nothing special and Blue Moon was ok, never had the bad experiences posted here, but a lot of people on here don't really like that place.

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      Meritage in Scarsdale has some good reports here.

      Zitoune in Mamaroneck has atmosphere and good food. Le Provencal in Mamaroneck is the same.

      Spadaro's in New Rochelle is the best Italian in Westchester, but is tight on spacing.

      Cafe Mirage in Port Chester has been remodelled and I think also gets good reports.

      I won't eat in WP outside of Bao's and Sushi Nanase so I can't help you there.

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        Spiga (Italian) on Central Ave. in Scarsdale does a lot of large groups.

        Asian Temptation (Asian Fusion) on Mamaroneck Ave. in WP does a lot of girls nights out, and is good for sharing dishes.

        Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck expanded not too long ago and I have yet to take someone there who didn't like it. I don't know if I've even ordered an entree there, I stick to the hot and cold meze and make a delicious meal out of it, and you can share all of it and get quite a variety.

        Hostaria Mezzei on Regent St. in Port Chester (Italian) has a brick oven and is good for groups.

        Love Peniche (tapas) on Main St. in WP, great for groups.

        Aberdeen, Barker Ave. in WP (Hong Kong style Chinese) is also good for groups. Lots of interesting dishes, above ordinary.

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          whrer is Bao's located in WP; White Plains Mall where the MVB is located?

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            Yes, exactly martyl9. On the lower level, entrance from the street or from the mall.

      2. Try American Bistro in Tuckahoe. The have small rooms, perhaps you could have a spot for your group. The food is always good and has something for everyone. Blue Moon seems like just fair Mexican. Pacifico in Port Chester is great if they havent change the menu yet.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. A few had crossed my mind (Turkish Meze, Peniche, Meritage). I was also thinking of Niko's since I like greek food. My only reluctance on Peniche is that I hate going to places with groups and sharing, particularly when we all don't know each other that well. I just find it easier for everyone to have their own plate of food (this is completely my own hangup!).

          Will let you know what we decide.

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            La Bocca in White Plains, Meritage in Scarsdale, Blue, White Plains

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              Valerie, do a search for the posts on Niko's, if I recall it was not generally well liked by the Hounds.

          2. My fave girlfriend night out spots are:
            Peniche ~White Plains
            Ruby's ~ Rye
            Chat 19~ Larchmont
            Sonora~ Portchester
            I've never been to either Fuji Mt or Blue Moon so can't respond to those.
            Have fun and let us know where you go!

            1. Avoid Blue Moon. The food is terrible, you can't even call it Mexican, it's just glop.

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                I grew up in Scarsdale so I'd say they if you're thinking upscale, it's Enzo's in Mamaroneck (great food, great service). If you're in the mood to be casual, I'd say go to Pastina on Central Avenue and ask to be seated in the larger room. Their Chicken, Pasta, Salmon is excellent and the price is always right. Enjoy and...Go, Raiders!!!

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                  Wow, I had the opposite experience, twice, at Enzo's. Passable service and only average upscale Italian food. Also, they're expensive for what you get.

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                    Me too. Average food, no atmosphere at all, overpriced for what it is. Perhaps chocolatebirthdaycake is confused and is thinking about Emilio's in Harrison which is very good upscale Italian although not necessarily a girl's night out.

                    Also, I am a fan of Patina's for a weeknight red sauce Italian family place but not girl's night out either.

              2. Just to report back, we ended up going to Niko's (there were 6 people). It worked out well. I was a little worried after seeing mixed reviews here, but then I reminded myself that not everyone obsesses over each meal like I do.

                To start we had the various dips, plus a spinach pie and salad. Dips were good, very garlicky, which I love. I had grilled shrimp as an entree, 2 people had the whole branzino, and a couple of people had specials.

                I wouldn't say the food was fantastic, but it was an overall good experience. Service was attentive. With some wine, aforementioned appetizers, entrees and no dessert or coffee, it was $40 per person (including tip). Very reasonable, in fact, it cost me more to pay a babysitter.

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                  valerie, I found the atmosphere of Niko's to be cafeteria-style, and wouldn't go back. I don't usually kvetch on atmosphere, but I wasn't thrilled with the food either.

                  If you go out with your group again and have 'quite' a bit more to spend per person, I HIGHly recommend Meritage in Scarsdale. We had THE most excellent dinner there the other evening, in fact the more I think about it, the more I like it.

                  Like Plates (if they haven't changed) and Spadaro's, dinner there was outstanding, service was impeccable, parking was free, and the overall experience was top notch, up there with the best I've ever had.

                  The only caveat is the expense.

                  1. re: dolores

                    I have reported in another thread that I liked the food at Meritage a lot, and as I stated earlier, it crossed my mind when planning this dinner. But it is more expensive. I have no problem with that, but since I don't know everyone in this group that well, I didn't want to assume that everyone wanted to spend closer to $60 or $70 each.

                    Not sure what you mean by "cafeteria-style"? While it was not the best meal that I had in my life, it was appropriate for this occasion and the last words that I would use to describe the place are cafeteria-style.

                    1. re: valerie

                      Similar to that of one of the X Peter Kelly restaurants, a completely open dining room. While the food was mind-blowing at Peter's X restaurant (in Garrison, I think), it wasn't equally so at Nikos and so I won't go back.

                    2. re: dolores

                      Hi dolores -- I usually agree with you, but not about Niko's! I find the food quite good, and as for the atmosphere, I feel like I am on an instant vacation. Maybe it helps that I am fond of retsina....

                      Had a great gals' night out there last spring. But now that you mention it, maybe the next one we plan can be at Bao's -- which, speaking of atmosphere, feels like a spa to me, with the subdued lighting and music -- I keep looking for the pitcher of ice water with sliced cucumbers....

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                        That's ok, VFresser, that's why I like opinions!

                        I haven't been back to Bao's in a long while, I hope they're still doing well.

                  2. Try the Melting Pot in WP. They have a fantasitc deal called Mom's Night Out, was there last thursday. For $ 30.00 per person, you get cheese fondue, salad & chocolate fondue. Also comes with either a martini ( any one from their vast menu ) or a glass of wine.
                    There we several other Mom groups there as well. They put you in a private room, we had a long rectanglular table & conversation was fine, we were 9 people.
                    Suggestion...try & coordinate pre-ordering ahead of time, otherwise it could turn into a 4 hour meal. Also, make sure you make a reservation & tell them you want the Mom's Night Out special.

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                      >>Pacifico in Port Chester is great if they havent change the menu yet.

                      It seems they have. Was it noted here?

                      They are now 'Route 1', burgers and the like. The article says they were retooled into the burger place, so that leads me to believe the current owners are trying to give BS&F some competition.

                      1. re: dolores

                        If I'm not mistaken, Pacifico now is closed.

                        1. re: momof3

                          confirmation. Pacificio is dark. being changed over by the current owners.

                          1. re: martyl9

                            That's what the article intimated. As I noted, probably in competition with BS&F.

                    2. So now, 6 months later, I am organizing another dinner for this group. This time, I am thinking of Meson Los Espanoles or Soma 107. My only concern about Soma 107 is that it might be too expensive for some. I feel kind of weird planning a dinner that might go over $50pp, since I don't know all of these people that well. Not a lot of drinking will go on, although everyone might have a drink, or if at Meson Los Espanoles, sangria might be on order.

                      I would also consider La Bocca (but my friend vetoed it because she has been there and wants to try someplace new) and Blue (but a few of us have been there).

                      Any new ideas or thoughts on these 2 places? Thanks.