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Oct 1, 2008 04:40 PM

place to please vegetarian/cheeseburger hound/cost-conscious mom

I'm taking my son and daughter to A Chorus Line matinee on Saturday and am looking for a good place to take them to dinner after the show. Problem is, daugher is a vegetarian (but is not into salads -- she needs pasta or other options), son loves burgers, and I will eat most anything but don't want to spend a fortune. Any recommendations of places that we will all love? I'm willing to travel by T outside of the theater district, and my son goes to Lesley College (near Harvard Square) so Cambridge is also an option (again, near the T). Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. My family has exactly the same eating habits. I would (and have) taken them to the Paramount over on Charles Street. is your place. A pleasant walk from Theater district or short cab ride.

    My vegetarians LOVE the black bean burger, the other burgers are great and there's a huge variety of other pasta, veggie and carnivore options. I could make a meal on the crispy artichoke hearts alone.


    1. I think the Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square would work well for you. They've got a cheeseburger and pasta on the menu, as well as a lot of delicious options for you, and it's right in Harvard Square.