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Oct 1, 2008 04:39 PM

Rt 5 in Vt 3 coverd bridges and a great Diner

I was traveling on Rt 5 in VT about 5 years ago when I was detoured onto a dirt road around some construction. I passed over a bridge heading south and looked up river and from that spot you could see 3 coverd bridges over the river, Shortley therafter we came to a diner with the most magnificant Boston Cream Pie I have ever had. I have never been able to find this place again.
Is there anyone out there that has an inkling of where I was or where this diner is?? Help!

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. When I've travelled Rte 5 and crossed any bridges (covered or otherwise), I was definitely in NH. I'm not aware of any diners in NH just across the river, but hopefully someone more familiar with the Connecticut River side of NH can help.

        My best guess, if you ended up back on the VT side was Dan's Windsor Diner. They have great food and desserts and there is a covered bridge nearby.

        1. Five covered bridges near Route 5 in Lyndonville Vt.

          Miss Lyndonville Diner?

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            Thank You so much I will give it a try!

          2. Here are some favorable reviews of Miss Lydonville Diner:

            Lydonville is the "covered bridge capital":