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Oct 1, 2008 03:56 PM

Japanese dessert.....

I'm in Canada and I've been asked to make a bunch of desserts for a dinner, but they have to be Japanese, or at least have a Japanese taste/feel/twist to them. I've love as many suggestions/recipes as possible. So far I've been trying some green tea delices, and dessert spring rolls, but I'd like some other ideas.


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  1. I really love red bean ice cream... really anything with red bean paste always pleases.

    There's a Japanese Bakery here in Boston that does a phenomenal Adzuki cream donut- basically a yeast donut rolled in powdered sugar and filled with a barely sweetened whipped cream and adzuki paste. Boston hounds all rave about it.

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      Yea, I've been looking for some azuki paste, but I end up finding something else and getting distracted. Some of the desserts I'm working on now are an fireweed honey+umeshu poached pear, a matcha cheesecake+mousse, and a persimmon+honey dessert spring roll

    2. Here's a Japanese sponge cake (Kasutera) that was quite popular when I was in Japan:

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        Thanks, an oyatsu-style dessert will probably not play out for what I'm looking for, but for my own sake I tried a kasutera trio of black sesame seed/matcha/honey kasutera and they were really good.

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          That's a really good idea, I am doing a dish with some pineapple and umeshu jellies, but I could make it a trio and do one in a green tea or azuki. Thanks.

        2. How about tofu cheesecake or black seasame tofu pudding, Japanese style parfait with yuzu syrup and shiratama dango and yuzu or grapefruit mitsuname, green tea cupcake with soy vanilla icing dusted with kinako powder, sake or ginger flavored creme brulee, green tea tiramisu, chestnut mont blanc cake, etc.

          1. How about something savory but sweet?
            Japanese sweet potato. ( imagine twice baked but with cream and sugar )
            anything goma related always hits a soft spot for me.
            and lastly a new years specialty. ohagi. ( mochi rice balls covered with a blend of edamame and sugar combo. Mortor and pestle the soy and sugar till you get a paste and encompass the whole thing with it. DIVINE! )
            Hope it turns out well.