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Oct 1, 2008 02:40 PM

Where to Sup on Sat.-Balto. area

Am perusing various website menus in an attempt to make a decision as to where to have dinner this coming weekend. I want to try someplace that Hubby and I have yet to visit. We've gotten into a pattern of Oregon Grille, Flemings, Blue Sea Grill, Ruths' Chris, Tabrizzi's, Snyder's, Rib 'n Reef, etc. All quite excellent, but I want to expand our dining rotation a bit.

You Chowhounds are exclaiming over The Chameleon Cafe (the menu looks interesting, but a bit limited. Do they have nightly specials which would create more options?). Brasserie Tatin look quite good. Haven't been to The Brass Elephant in about 5 years. It seems as though the cuisine leans towards northern Italian, versus the Continental menu that I seem to remember.

Am curious about Jack's Bistro, Bicycle, Salt, etc. But want to save those for a week night as I don't think we would like the noise and crowds on a weekend, albeit we do tend to dine rather early, i.e., 6 p.m.

Guess I've narrowed it down to The Chameleon Cafe, Brass Elephant, Brasserie Tatin or, perhaps, Cafe de Paris in Columbia.

Want to hear what all of you think from that selection. Am saving Charleston for later in the month for a birthday celebration. Oh, what about Cynthia's in Glen Burnie or Aqua Terra in Annapolis? Okay-sorry to be "dancing" here. Just would like some input. Thanks, FoiGras

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  1. I'm a big fan of Brian and Cynthia's "new American" cuisine at Cynthia's in Severna Park. Don't let the strip mall external ambience deter you -- it was ranked as one of the "top 10" strip mall dining experiences in EL's Sun blog recently. It's about 10 minutes south of the Beltway on Ritchie Highway, using Route 10 from the Beltway.

    By the way -- they have an excellent seared rendition of your moniker. :)

    1. I haven't tried any of the places you have narrowed it down to, but have been to Cynthia's and loved it. The food was a few notches better than that at Jack's Bistro and Salt: the homemade rolls, the muffin you are given to take home, and the type of food offered was one step above the others.

      The ambiance at Cynthia's was much more relaxing to me than Jack's or Salt: Much larger space, much more space between the tables, and not crowded, not loud, not over-full. I get stressed out in tight, full, loud places, and Jack's and Salt can be like that. Cynthia's was not---though we went on a Tuesday night for a 8 PM reservation. Which means we closed the joint, and had the entire place to ourselves for the last hour. :)

      When I was looking at the menu at Cynthia's, I wasn't chomping at the bit to go there. I am so glad I did. Search for my review for more info. The Fois Gras, by the by, was phenomenal!

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        What a great list of wonderful new places to try around town! The smaller popular places you mentioned can get noisy on the weekends, and would probably most be enjoyed during the week when the locals go there. Since you suggested you are early diners, you'd probably avoid most of the crowds though. A few of the spots you mentioned have killer weekly specials and happy hour deals during the week that you should inquire about, especially since you are early diners.