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Where can I find burrata in Toronto?

Checked every cheese vendor at St. Lawrence Market without luck. Perhaps someone could recommend a cheese shop specializing in Italian cheeses that might carry burrata.

Thank you :)

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    1. La Fromagerie at College & Concord

      1. They had some at Leslieville Cheese Market a couple weeks ago when I was looking for buffalo mozzarella....give them a call.

        1. I saw some at Scheffler's Delicatessen in The St. Lawrence Market about a week ago. One of them was definitely made in Toronto (Santa Lucia brand). Not sure about the authenticity of the products. My understanding is that real burrata has to be eaten quickly, preferrably having just been purchased in southern Italy.

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            Scheffler's carries the Santa Lucia regularly, but every other week (usually) gets a shipment of stuff from Italy. It's twice the price ($20), but very good. Twice as good? Not sure.

            The Santa Lucia has a little mascarpone in the middle also.

          2. La Salumeria at Yonge and Eg has had it recently. You would have to call to confirm.

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                Most of the burrata I've had in Toronto (pasteurized) were not that great.

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                  i've only had burrata in toronto and mostly from restaurants... not worth it at all!!!!

                  all i can do is liken it to cream cheese and it was just utterly flat in flavour. not worth it. i suspect a fresh puglia source would be much much better but we mostly get this "toronto version" which is worth zero hype.

              2. I just saw it last week at Grande Cheese outlet on Orfus Rd. It was clearly domestic - maybe even their own product - but it was very competitively priced. (I don't recall exactly - maybe 9.99 lb.). I was tempted to buy some but wouldn't have an opportunity to serve it for several days so didn't bother. It's best when very fresh and absolutely killer with seasonal tomatoes.

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                    Thin Blue Line on Roncesvalles has it advertised on their chalkboard. Also, as an FYI, they are expanding into the space next door and will be carrying a wider variety of cheeses and more gourmet items.

                1. I also saw at Schleffer's at St. Lawrence Market. I believe the Cheese Boutique may carry it.

                  1. Burrata is now being made exclusively in Ontario for The Cheese Boutique (Bloor West Village, Toronto). I first had this fabulous Italian cheese as part of an appetizer at one of Mario Batelli's restaurants in L.A. I've been trying to get it ever since. Hope you are successful in your quest..

                    Cheese Boutique
                    45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

                    1. Quality Cheese up in Woodbridge sells burata as well. I think they make it but my husband said it was still not bad.
                      Quality Cheese is located on Jevlan which is off Weston between Hwy 7 and Langstaff.

                      1. All the Best at Summerhill gets the real stuff every couple of weeks.

                        1. I saw Buratta at Whole foods yesterday. Imported from Italy.