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Oct 1, 2008 02:37 PM

Togo's -- $1.99 Wednesday Specials

Was driving by one of the last remaining westside Togo's shops today (Venice west of Robertson) and saw a "back to the 70s" special being advertised. On Wednesdays, for the next couple of months, they are discounting one six-inch classic sub for $1.99, with a portion of the price going to charity. This week's sandwich is the turkey, salami and cheese, and the manager clued me in that next week's will be the roast beef and avocado. Max of four per customer.

[Chowhound -- please leave this on the L.A. board and don't move it to "Chains" -- I asked and they didn't know if this special went beyond the local area, and Togo's only extends past SoCal to the San Jose area as far as I know.]

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will be sure to stop in on Wednesday.

    1. They should pay you 1.99 to eat that....

      1. I hope they do the hot pastrami as a special -- surprisingly decent for a chain.

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        1. re: a_and_w

          I asked specifically about the hot pastrami. The manager said that it is their most popular sandwich, and while he didn't know for sure, he anticipated that if they offered it at all, it would probably be the last one of the eight-week sequence.

        2. wow thanks going to eat subs till i pass out.!!

          1. According to the whiteboard at the TOGO's on Vermont in South LA, today they are offering the pastrami sandwich for $1.99.

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            1. re: Starsforsam

              YUP, tried their 6" Pastrami today for $1.99. Very goood deal even if slightly salty.