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Oct 1, 2008 02:36 PM

Fun Greensboro dinner help

I just recently moved to Greensboro myself and have been trying to make my way around to the countless worthshile restaurants around town, but this week I am having friends from Virginia visiting and am trying to give them a good dining experience in just a few short days. I want to bring them to someplace fun and laid back with good food and a good atmosphere. I have been to Print Works, Green Valley Grill and Lucky's and love them, but I think they are a little too much for my friends at this time. I brought them to Brixx last night for some pizza and beer and to Stameys today for lunch, but I have no idea where to bring them tonight. I am sure we will want to get a few drinks and have a decent meal without breaking the bank. I know this is on VERY short notice, but I am looking for any help or suggestions. Thank you SO MUCH!

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  1. real tough one. by too much do you mean atmosphere or cost? rearn thai, fishbones maybe or a chain - bonefish (they have good drinks and apps)

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      Pastabilities, on Battleground, not far from Brixx or Lucky's should work. Call Cindy and see if you can get a reservation as Friday and nights can be busy. The Tap Room has great burgers if you are in the mood for a bar/ rest. Is in the same shopping area that Pastabilities is

    2. Thank you, so much, for your suggestions and I think we will be trying out the Tap Room tonight. Last night, we ended up at this great little place on Spring Garden called Bianca's Italian Eatery. It was a really neet dining experience and I enjoyed the food for the most part. I like the idea of ordering your entree and then getting the featured appetizer, salad bread and dessert included. You don't have any choices as to those dishes, so I could imagine it could be pretty hit or miss, but I was lucky in that I loved every dish. We ended up at Bianca's from a recommendation from a friend and I was glad we tried it out, because it seems to be one of those places I might not try out on my own or just by looking at it or driving by. Thanks again.

      1. I would try Fishbones, Sticks and Stones or Liberty Oak. All locally owned and have great atmosphere!