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Oct 1, 2008 02:22 PM

Tamale Vendors

Anyone know of good tamale vendors (usually with a big pot of them in a shopping cart) in Central NJ, such as the New Brunswick-Princeton area? Or good stores with them?

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  1. Juquila
    106 Shrewsbury Avenue
    Red Bank, nj 07701-1183
    (732) 212-9012
    This is a tiny grocery store. They have good tamales on weekends. Get there early. Tamales are chicken. Most have a banana leaf wrapper. They run out. I like the rojas and the mole. The verdes is too hot for me!

    1. Even though I find this hard to believe, Olives, on Witherspoon St in Princeton, apparently (according to my mom who is, i must admit, quite the Tamale Hound). We were in there yesterday and she asked the owner when they're making them again and he said, this week! he said to check for the exact day on their website,, but that likely, they'd be there on Wed or Thurs, although one can place an order for a whole pan of them at any time. I'm definitely going to try one and will report back. Let me know if you get there and try one!

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        Occasionally I am spoiled by a friend who get them from a relatives home....what a tease. However if you get to the Trenton Farmers Mkt early on Sat.s there's a tiny Mexican place that sells them. I haven't tried them but I hear they're good.

        1. re: gbean

          Yes, the Mexican place in Trenton Farmers Market has great tamales. We drive down from Princeton to get them on Saturdays all the time. You do need to get there early though. They usually are sold out by mid afternoon.