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Oct 1, 2008 02:20 PM

Bar Harbor in the off season

My wife and I planned a trip to Maine for mid-October, ignorant of the fact that many places close up after Columbus Day. I've searched the boards (looking forward to the Thirsty Whale) but can't tell what in the area is and isn't open after Columbus Day. We're interested first in lobster, but it looks to me like Thurston's and Trenton Bridge are closed.

So, given the season, what's best for a lobster dinner and lobster rolls? Any other suggestions (breakfast and such) are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. You're in Luck! The last cruise ship steams into port on Oct. 26. Most places will be open until then. I love the Thirsty Whale because it is cheap, it is 38 paces from where I work and it is a local place that is open all year for us locals, but it is a pub, don't have overly high expectations. Did I mention that it was cheap?

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    1. re: Passadumkeg

      Thanks. Do you know if the Thirsty Whale is cheap? I've heard that it is.

      Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound, according to their email to me this morning, closes Oct. 13. What options does that leave me?

      1. re: johnbycz

        The Thirsty is cheap and fun. A six buck burger (medium rare) or a fried salmon fillet sandwich w/ a huge pile of french fries. I don't care for The Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound; the quintessential tourist tram. Two hundred yards up the road is the Downeast puound and fish store,; open most of the year and sells & cooks lobstah seafood. Up the road further is Pectic seafood. The supermarkets cook lobbers for free. In Bh Geddy's Quarter Deck and Fish House grill will be open, but charge BH prices. We go to Ruth & Wimpies for cheap lobster, $10.95 w/ corn special. Funky and watch the locals. More?
        ps Bring me some 5 way?

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Thanks. That sounds perfect. Not sure a five-way would survive the trip, but I can, in fact, bring you some Skyline in a can. I'll leave it at the Whale in your name. We'll be in Bar Harbor Oct. 21-22.

    2. You definitely want to go to Two Cats on Cottage St. for breakfast.

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        Two Cats is very good and so is Cafe This Way.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Cafe This Way is closing for the season on Oct 19, so johnbycz will be too late for them. Two Cats is open year round.

          1. re: BikeToEat

            2 Cats is now on the list. Thanks. Is Ruth & Wimpy's only in Hancock?

      2. Trip report: Ate at Geddy's (twice) and 2 Cats (twice), and drank at the Whale. Good experiences all around. Yes, we could have found cheaper lobster than Geddy's ($14.99 a pound) but my wife liked it and since we eat lobster about once every five years, we weren't going to quibble over a few bucks. Lobsters were very good, beer selection very good. Avoid the "sea balls."

        2 Cats was excellent. Good service, good home fries. Excellent pancakes and my wife loved the eggs benedict.

        The Thirsty Whale was as advertised. Good beer selection and full of locals. Though, when one person at the bar was overheard saying something like, "what do buffalo wings have to do with Buffalo, anyway?", I had to suppress my inner Cliff Clavin and shut up. We would have gone back to the Whale a second night, but were too exhausted from an awesome day at Acadia National Park, which everyone should see once in their lifetime.