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special birthday in montreal

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we have two nights...a Sunday and Monday in November. Sunday dinner is reserved at pied de cochon....now we need something wonderful for the actual birthday, which is on a Monday. We are omnivores, but I am worried that we will be cholesterolled-out afted PDC. Also not sure what's good and what's open on Mondays...

Chasse et Peche? europea? We would like something with great food and a nice, not too casual, atmosphere.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chasse et Peche is closed Monday. I'd say Europea or perhaps Laloux.


    1. You CANNOT go wrong with Europea.

      1. I posted a review last week of my dinner last Saturday at Graziella. I enjoyed that dinner so much. It is a very nice restaurant that is great for a celebration. I would not call it romantic but it is casual with excellent food.