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Oct 1, 2008 01:47 PM

Need help with romantic Napa dinner....

I will be visiting Napa in late October with my boyfriend and I'm looking for a romantic restaurant with great food. Nothing too pricey (no more than $30 a plate) and we love all types of food. I've read the posts and there's just so many options. I've narrowed it down to these and hope you can help me choose:

Go Fish
Tra Vigne
Don Giovanni

Also, recommendations would be helpful as well!


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  1. Ubuntu.
    Lovely room. As romantic as you want to make it, really. Fits the price structure. Reasonable wine list.
    Go for it.

    You'll have trouble getting in the others at that price level.

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    1. re: rruben1

      I saw Ubuntu and I think it looks great however, my bf is a big meat eater and does not do vegetarian.

    2. Oh, romantic! how fun...

      Question...What is your budget, again? $30 total for food per person, or is that the top entree price, or what? How about a total with tax and tip?

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      1. re: maria lorraine

        $30 for the main entree, I'm hoping no more than $150 total. Thanks

      2. Agree on Ubuntu. It's my favorite restaurant on the planet right now. Redd is also excellent. Pass on Go Fish. 25 Degrees Brix is v. good - lovely atmosphere and same owner as TWO in SF.

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        1. re: laurafrofro

          I just checked out 25 Degrees Brix and it looks great, might have to try that one. Thanks!

          1. re: mh4e

            There are better options. Food is OK with the new team at Brix,
            service is somewhat off, and IMO it's not romantic.

            I'd also recommend Bistro Jeanty for a small, intimate and romantic place.
            It's like a little French bistro. Lots of good reports, some by me.

            Bistro Don Giovanni. The enclosed patio, like a little room with both fireplace
            and heaters, is quite romantic. Decorated beautifully with autumnal harvest stuff,
            and the food is great, always consistent, with especially great apps. I've eaten
            there probably 40 times. Inside is the large dining room, and though it looks
            great, the two-top tables aren't what I would consider romantic. If you can
            reserve a booth inside for two people, then that would also work, but I'd opt
            for the enclosed patio -- very charming.

            Terra. My favorite in Napa. Terribly romantic in an old beautiful stone building,
            and this may fit your budget if you are judicious about ordering. Tim there is
            very talented at recommending wines that are not at all expensive.
            Wonderful, exquisite Cal-Asian food. You may give them a call (good people)
            in the afternoon and enlist their support in keeping within your budget and
            having a nice meal. I'd recommend that for Martini House and La Toque (below)
            as well.

            Martini House is very lovely and also may fit your budget, again if your order
            judiciously. It's in an old Craftsman-style house that's beautifully decorated. Rob
            can help you with a beautiful wine that is withink your budget, whatever it is.

            With the last two restos, check the online menus and do a little math to see
            if they'll work for you.

            As to your other ideas, Celadon feels romantic but I'm not sure the food is
            good enough. Redd is not at all romantic but the food is great. I don't at all
            recommend Go Fish unless you eat sushi only, from my own experience and
            from reports I've heard lately from locals. Tra Vigne appears to be
            on its way back (a ways to go); I don't think it's there yet. Overpriced compared
            to others for what you get. Lovely setting, though, and attractive -- though
            not romantic -- dining room.

            With all these restaurants, do a separate search for each and read more reports.

            Happy celebrating!

            1. re: maria lorraine

              Thank you maria lorraine, I think I'm leaning towards Bistro Don Giovanni and I will take your advice and ask for the patio if I go there! I might try one of your other suggestions for lunch since the prices will probably be better.

        2. Consider Bistro Jeanty in Y'ville. I've only been there for lunch(es) but imagine that the tables in front of and around the fireplace in the back room could be quite romantic on a chilly October evening (ask for that when you reserve)... food is great and you may even come in under budget. Check out their website and have a great evening!

          1. Please check out Auberge du Soleil. I was there 2 weeks ago. Sit outside for dinner. they have heaters to stay warmer. It is so romantic and is in the top 5 restaurants i have been to. I actually got engaged there.

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            1. re: bigdog2084

              But it's about $350 per meal with tax and tip, from my experience, and Carrie218's:

              1. re: maria lorraine

                Note that this is a first time poster/visitor, most likely unaware of the constant advisories to go for lunch or drinks.